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Celebrate: Tips for throwing a baby shower

Tips for throwing a baby shower

In case you haven’t heard, our lovely Rhiannon is having a baby boy! So to celebrate, the V.O.C. team is throwing a baby shower for her. We're so excited! After some planning and prepping, we’ve come up with a list of tips and tricks for throwing/hosting a baby shower. 


Guest List/Venue

Before you start planning your shower, make sure to talk to the mom to be to see what type of shower they would like to have. This will help determine the size of your guest list which leads into choosing the venue and concept. Showers can range in variety from evening parties to afternoon teas depending on the number of guests invited. Dinner or brunch at a restaurant are also great ideas for a smaller gathering. 


It’s always fun to have a theme for a baby shower. Whether it’s gender specific or something more broad – it’s great to have a theme to tie the event together. Some of our favourites include: Nursery Rhymes, Backyard Tea Party, Noah’s Ark or a Floral Pink party. For Rhiannon, we decided on an alphabet theme. We have cute block letters to decorate the table, Alphabet cookies for dessert and are making a letter themed mobile craft for the baby’s room! 


It’s fun to incorporate the theme into the menu. The size and time of the gathering will also help determine your menu choices.   Light sandwiches and salads are great for an afternoon tea. An evening party could focus more on appetizers. Always ensure you have enough food for your guests and make sure it’s presented well. We’re planning to serve this delicious salad as part of our evening dinner!



What shower would be complete without games? We’ve selected some of our favourites for tonight’s soiree. Guess the size of the bump is always popular and we’re also planning to guess the details of the baby (Name, Date of Birth and weight). Games are also a great icebreaker to let your guests meet and get to know each other.

Follow along on social media to catch a pic or two from Rhiannon's shower!

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