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Travel: Emily's Packing Tips

I used to be the Queen of over-packing. I’ve been known to bring 2 duffle bags to a cottage weekend. When fashion and clothes are literally your life it’s hard to pair down and limit your options. It literally gives me heart palpitations.

When I met Jeff, my fiancé, I was informed that if I wanted to travel with him, I would need to become a carry-on traveler. When you live on an airplane like he does, waiting for checked baggage becomes the bane of your existence. As the years and trips have gone by, I have adapted and learned to “travel light.” Cringe. Take a look at my tips and tricks for packing for any vacation.

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Travel size everything:
Why waste precious suitcase space on beauty products? Convert to travel size everything. Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart have so many great travel options. It’s worth scaling back and taking advantage of mini-size toiletries. I particularly love this Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo by Living Proof - it's travel sized and extends your blow dry for days.

Plan outfits:
Try to plan out your days and evenings. Instead of just throwing a bunch of your favourite things in a bag, see if you can carefully plan what you want to wear to each event. Try to wear things more than once or layer to make use of different pieces. For example, I’ll throw a black t-shirt on with a leather jacket and heels for dinner. I’ll wear the same t-shirt the next day with jeans and a plaid shirt. It’s two looks in one! Make sure the items you pack have more than one wear option. If you only plan to wear something once or you aren’t sure you will actually wear it… leave it at home.    

Jewelry and other accessories take up so little space and can really add an element to your outfit. Wearing a statement necklace can dress up a plain t-shirt. Throwing on a scarf can give any daytime look a completely different feel. Take advantage of accessories to keep your style fresh and refined.  I love this Jagger Bib necklace by Jenny Bird. 

I’m not really one to give advice here. I once brought 10 pairs of shoes on a 10-day trip to Europe. But quite honestly I only wore 3 of them. Be realistic about the shoes you actually need. Pairing down to one pair of flats, one pair of heels/booties and a pair of sneakers is really all you need. If you’re taking a beach vacation make sure to bring one pair of sandals strictly for the beach.   

Leave some room for purchases:
Always make sure to leave some extra room for purchases. What’s a vacation without a little spending spree?   


xo, Emily

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