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Toronto Hot Spots: 3 Day Off Activities In The City

Toronto Hot Spots: 
3 Day Off Activities In The City

I have come to the conclusion that it's not possible to ever be bored in Toronto. When it comes to this city, there are seriously SO many fun things to do and sights to see on your days off. With a never ending abundance of cute coffee shops and bakeries, plus trendy exercise classes and places to pamper yourself, you are bound to be totally entertained and as happy as can be. 
Speaking for myself, and I’m sure many of you as well, I could shamelessly be satisfied sitting on my couch and watching endless hours of Netflix all day. Especially after a long week at work…am I right or am I right!? However, this past weekend I made the conscious decision to get out and explore what this city has to offer and it certainly did not disappoint. 
Here are a few of my new favourite spots that I visited over the weekend that I HIGHLY recommend!
Spokehaus is my latest workout obsession. I popped by this newly opened spinning studio in CityPlace and was blown away by how much fun I had and how sweaty I got. Seriously, this is no workout for the weary. Their motto is that it is “a musical and physical journey that will change your body and mind” and I can honestly say that it did. Not only did they have THE best playlist to get you pumped up but I also felt SO good after the class that I was already looking forward to my next session. Not gunna lie, I was pretty sore from this epic workout but it definitely got me motivated to get in shape for the summer! Their studio is also STUNNING and all of the instructors are fabulous. Bonus - your first class is free! So sign up now and get movin’.
Since I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth, I have been dyyyying to get over to Bake Shoppe ever since I came across their adorable Instagram account. All of their cakes, cookies and other sweets are just as cute as they are delicious. So naturally, after a hardcore sweat sesh I had to hit up this little bakery on College Street and pick up some of their “rapper cookies”. They were amazing and worth every single calorie. 
All I can say about this place is that whoever created it is honestly a genius. Located in the heart of King West Village, Her Majesty’s Pleasure is every girls dream come true. Not only is it a gorgeous salon with every spa service you could imagine, they also have a beautiful boutique and full lounge bar and cafe. Umm…can I live here please?! After hearing SO many good things about this spot, I had to finally check it out for myself and I was so impressed. I had booked my sister and I a gel manicure as her birthday present and we were both blown away by what a great job they did. Not to mention, we were able to enjoy plenty of champagne in the process! Talk about the perfect day off…
So next time you’re feeling in need of a little pick me up or just want to explore some of the city’s coolest places that live up to their hype, these spots are definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!
XO, Sarah 

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