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Q&A: 20 questions with Terri

With a new addition to the V.O.C team, we thought it would be a great opportunity to post a Q&A blog to help you get to know our newest associate Terri a little better if you haven't already met her. From her cool yet polished style, to her friendly demeanour, Terri is the perfect addition to V.O.C! Check out Terri's answers to this in-depth Q&A. From guilty pleasures, to her favourite style icons, we've asked it all! Hope you enjoy XX. 

1. Where are you from and what is your role here at the store? How did you hear about V.O.C? 

I was born in Montreal and moved to Oakville when I was 10. I met my husband in Oakville when I was in university, studying Commerce at McMaster. I've lived in Oakville for the past 20+ years and have always been familiar with the downtown area. I have always loved shopping at the boutiques on Lakeshore. I started shopping here years ago and fell in love with all the brands that V.O.C carries. I am currently working as a part-time sales associate. I love helping customers find pieces they love and they feel great in! By far the best part of the job! 

2. What was your very first job? 

My first job ever was a cashier at Loblaws, in Oakville! It used be at Dundas and Trafalgar. I worked there a few times a week, all throughout high school and university. 

3. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? 

It would definitely be something that would involve a lot of travelling. I would love to see so many different parts of the world. It would be amazing to experience different cultures, with emphasis on the food and fashion in each! I think if I could pick any job it would be in the field of fashion!

4. What are your favourite brands and how best would you describe your personal style? Who are your style icons? 

I am denim obsessed! I absolutely love Levi's and Paige jeans. I recently just purchased the Paige Hoxton Bali jeans and I am in LOVE with them. I recently bought the Levi's 501 taper and they are a great jean for the weekend while I'm running around with my kids! I wear them at least 3 times a week. I also really love Bella Dahl, I find myself gravitating towards a lot of their tops as they are super unique and great quality.

Hmmm this is a hard one! I've never really tried to categorize my style into one particular look because to be honest it's always changing. I love mixing feminine pieces with more laid back casual items. Such as ripped Levi's boyfriend jeans with a delicate blouse. I would say that my style is casual with a feminine and bohemian flare. 



This question is so hard! I have so many style icons! If I had to choose,  Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are my top 3 style crushes! I love their fun and casual style. It's never over the top but still super trendy.


5. What is your favourite type of cuisine? 

Another hard question! My background is Italian, so my comfort food is Italian. I love a great homemade eggplant parmesan or lasagna. I also love exploring other types of food. Such as Japanese, Indian and greek. I love Piazza Bistro in the Town Square in Oakville. I find their Italian food so fresh and authentic. 

6. What is your fitness routine?

I love being active, it helps keep my mind and body feeling well! I work out at the One Health Club here in Oakville (located on Upper Middle Road) about 3x a week or as much as I can depending on my schedule. My gym workouts vary from group classes, such as body pump or spinning to yoga. I recently tried this class called "pound-drum". It is a cardio class using weighted drumsticks to help sculpt while burning a ton of calories! I also love being active with the kids, whether it be skating, walking or hiking! Exercising has always been a big part of my lifestyle, even when I was pregnant with both my kids. 

7. Would you say you are a morning person or a night owl? 

I am definitely NOT a morning person! I like my quiet time during the morning and would rather not talk to anyone (including my husband and kids... which is tough) until after I've had my morning coffee. After that I am good to go! I am always busy at night thinking of "one more thing I should do before I go to bed!" I mentally make lists of what events I have coming up and what the next day holds... sometimes finding it hard to fall asleep- so definitely a night owl! 

8. What is your biggest pet peeve? 

Dishonest people. I am a very honest person and I would rather tell it like it is, than tell someone a lie. I think this makes you a more genuine and open person. 

9. What show are you currently into right now? 

I love the show This is Us! It's such a great show about family and life. It's so addictive too. I watched the first series on Netflix and I am currently watching second season on TV right now. Every episode is amazing and I seriously cry at almost every one!

10. What is your idea of a perfect vacation? 

Ohh this is a tough one! I love to vacation and there are so many kinds of vacation! I love a great 'relaxing' vacay on the beach - like Jamaica or in Florida at our family home. I recently went to Italy with the whole family and LOVED being immersed in the culture, learning about the history, people and food! 

11. What is the coolest place you have ever been to? 

Cordoba in Spain! It's an amazing little town in the south of Spain that is all enclosed by ancient city walls! You can walk the entire town on cobble stone roads with no cars. The most incredible part of this town is the Mezquita - the largest mosque in the world! It started off as a cathedral and then it was transformed into a mosque. It now remains a cathedral-mosque with beautiful monuments and art from 2 diverse cultures. It was amazing to witness all the history and changes that have been made over time!

12. What are 3 beauty products you can't live without? 

I absolutely love Eminence organic face products! Everything from their cleansers, to moisturizers and masques. Secondly, I love MAC under eye concealer. It works so well and doesn't look to thick under your eyes. It's perfect if you didn't get much sleep the night before! The last beauty product I can't live without is the ROC lip gloss. Its perfect for adding some shine to your lips but also keeping them hydrated during these cold winter months!

13. What is your favourite thing to do in your down time/ when you're not working? 

I love to just spend time at home hanging out with my kids and doing something active. Right now we love going outdoor skating or going tobogganing. Its awesome that they are now at an age where they enjoy activities and it can be a fun family activity. Another one of my favourite things to do in my spare time is a ladies night! Going out for dinner or drinks with my girlfriends is always so much fun and a nice break from my chaotic weeks! 

14. What is your guilty pleasure? 

This is an easy question! Salty! Anything and everything salty! Especially at night, which is terrible. Don't give me chips or I will eat the whole bag!

15. What is the best purchase you ever made? 

My leather Mackage jacket! I bought it over 5 years ago and still love it! I wear it all the time. It literally goes with everything. I will wear with a tee, jeans and sneakers. Or I throw it over a dress and heels for a night out. Love! 

16. What is one trend you are loving right now and dying to try? 

This is tough because there are so many cute trends coming out for spring! I am really into the cropped flare jeans for spring. I saw them last spring and thought they wouldn't work on me. However, this season there is so many different lengths and washes that I love, such as some light wash distressed styles that I've seen! 

17. What is one trend you wish you never tried/ or don't like? 

Bangs. I tried bangs a few times in my life and it was horrible! They were so hard to maintain and my hair totally did not cooperate! 

18. What are you most excited for in Spring? 

Warm weather! I feel like I'm more excited than most years for Spring because of this frigid cold spell we've had the past few weeks. It has really made me appreciate the warmer weather! I am also really excited for amazing new spring fashion. I want to try more fun and flirty blouses. I love the look of a cropped feminine blouse with high waisted jeans. Super cute! I also love the look of a great spring floral dress with ankle booties! 

19. What can't you leave the house without? 

My Swell water bottle filled with cold water! I really try and drink water all day long to hydrate and counteract all the coffee! 

20. What is your go-to drink? 

I am really loving cold-pressed juices right now! They are so great to help boost your immune system, perfect for this time of year, and to add some of those extra veggies that you might miss throughout the day. I love Green Press, just a few blocks down from V.O.C. My go-to picks there are the carrot or beet juice. If I feel like I might be coming down with something, I always grab a ginger shot. It seems to always do the trick! 


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