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Fitness: Emily's Class Pass Adventures

Oh wow. After this past weekend I think I’m the butterball. But it was SO worth it. To alleviate the stuffed feeling, or maybe just to feel less guilty, I plan to make full use of my CLASS PASS. In case you haven’t heard, CLASS PASS is AMAZING. For $80/month CLASS PASS allows you unlimited access to the city’s best studios (the only catch is that you can only attend each studio 3 times per month). I’ve been doing it for the past month and it’s not only fun, it’s encouraging me to try new workouts and experience new studios. Check out my favourite classes so far:


This place kicks your butt. I’ve been taking Michelle’s Saturday morning ride and it’s seriously the best start to the weekend. Her tunes are amazing and the energy is pulsing in the room. Plan to be dripping at the end.



Toronto’s best take on the ballet fad. I took this class last Thursday and still have dreams of that bar. They promise a dancer’s body and I can understand why.



Moksha Yoga
As a longtime fan of this studio, it was to be back. There’s nothing like a 6am sun salutation in a hot room. I love how Moksha leaves you feeling challenged but stretched and energized. A great end to the week (or start to the weekend).



This week I plan to try a pilates class and maybe work up the courage to test out Surfset. Oh and did I mention the best part? It’s interchangeable across all of North America – so when I go to NYC this weekend I can try out some new studios in NYC for free. Barry’s Bootcamp here I come!

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