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20 Questions With Our Owner, Emily

1. Where are you from?
Oakville, Ontario – but I’m a Torontonian for life (sorry Mom!).
2. What’s your favourite food? Drink?
Food: Tacos all day long.
Drink: If a Dark and Stormy is offered anywhere I have to have it. Union, my favourite restaurant makes the best version – hands down.

3. Where is your go to restaurant?
Union on Ossington! We used to live across the street from this spot. We’ve moved a bit further West but still go back whenever we can. It’s SO good.

 4. What is your favourite pastime?
Hanging out with my dog, Rupert, at the dog park.

5. Describe the best trip you’ve ever taken.
I backpacked by myself through India a few years ago. It was incredible. I can’t wait to go back.

6. Where’s your favourite place on earth?
Home!  My fiancé and I bought and renovated our first home this past year.  It's my favourite place ever.

7. Most embarrassing moment?
There are many. Most recently Rupert, my dog, ruined my sister in law’s gender reveal party for her baby. He stole a cupcake and covered himself and the rug in pink icing.   Surprise! She had a girl.

8. What’s your favourite song right now?
Justin Bieber, Sorry

 9. What is the one beauty product you can’t leave the house without?
Does water count?  

10. You love to workout and stay healthy, what are your top tips for feeling your best/staying healthy?
I always work out in the morning. If you make it part of your daily routine it becomes a habit. Eventually your body starts to crave it. Crazy right?

11. What is your favourite sports team?
Blue Jays. Obviously!

12. Are you a morning person or night owl?
Morning person!  I'm up at 5am every day.  

13. Beer, wine or cocktail?
All of the above! 

14. Running in the city or hiking a trail?
Running in the city!  I live right near High Park.  I take advantage of it as much as possible!

15. East Coast or West Coast? and why?
West Coast! I LOVE LA. The West Coast vibe is so relaxed. The lifestyle is so healthy and it’s always sunny.  I would move in a heartbeat.  For now, I just travel there.

16. You used to be a blonde, do you think they have more fun? LOL.
Yes. I think so. Although life as a brunette is pretty great.

17. What’s your favourite piece of clothing or item that you own?
My AG Farrah Paradox Jeans. They are hands down the best jeans I have ever owned. I highly recommend.

18. What is your favourite brand?
Rails! I own over 20 of their shirts. It’s a bit excessive but I live in them.

19. Where did you get the idea to start V.O.C.?
I saw a need in the marketplace for affordable fashion with a boutique experience. Retailers are getting larger and less personal. Finding great clothing with personalized service is hard to find. We pride ourselves on providing this to our customers!

20. What advice would you give to girls looking to enter the fashion industry and/or start their own business someday?
Learn as much as you can. Expose yourself to everything. Don’t assume you will get your dream job right away. Every experience and opportunity will help you in your path. And of course… just do it.



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