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Crunch Time: How To Survive Exam Season

How To Survive Exam Season

With final assignments piling up and exam season fast approaching, I don’t blame you for feeling totally overwhelmed. Believe me, as a senior at Wilfrid Laurier University, I can totally relate. However, before you start to panic, here are a few of my tips for surviving the stress, and relaxing during exam period. While it’s so easy to get caught up in all the madness, it’s still SO important to find some quality time for yourself! Put away those textbooks, close your laptop and find a way to RELAX. 


While I’ve definitely been guilty of procrastinating in the past, I quickly learned that the best way to prepare for your finals is to plan ahead. By writing out your due dates and scheduling your study sessions, I can almost guarantee that you will feel so much more at ease! It’s also kind of fun shopping for an agenda - Kate Spade’s are so pretty.

Image via @katespadeny


By the looks of how busy the gym has been getting lately, I think it’s pretty obvious that most of us know how important it is to mix in a workout at least a few times a week. When you're planning your study schedule, make sure to schedule in a few sessions at the gym to help ease your mind and reduce stress levels. There are not only major benefits to your body and mind, but you will feel so much more confident and will be able to focus when it’s crunch time. Once you’ve made it part of your lifestyle, you’ll quickly see that there is nothing better than a long run outside or on the treadmill to relax. Need a little motivation? We recommend following @nikewomen and @nataliejillfit for inspiration and workouts you can do from home! 

Image via @nikewomen


As studying for exams becomes the priority around this time of year, it’s easy to let everything else slip and fall by the wayside. Trust us, healthy eating is not one of those things you will want to let slide. While the occasional pizza night with your roommates won’t kill you, if junk food becomes your main source of food around exams you will not only feel sluggish, but you won’t look and feel your best. Who wants to have to stress about that around exams? Save yourselves the worry and general “gross” feeling after bingeing, and make sure to stock up on healthy food and snacks to last you for the few weeks of exam hell in your future. Your body and health will thank you, and you also won’t feel so bad when you get home for the holidays and stuff your face with turkey dinner. For some healthy recipe ideas, we love The Spoonful of Honey blog and Instagram page, authored by foodie and friend to the store, Rachel Steiman! 

Images via @raachhel of The Spoonful of Honey


To help keep your focus when you're trying to study, it's so important to be comfortable. It seems like a little thing, but having the right outfit for hours of studying makes all the difference. There's a reason people sport sweatpants to the library during exams! To get comfy, I love all of the P.J. Salvage items at V.O.C. -- it's one of my favourite brands that we carry right now. Not only are they the comfiest things ever but their cute prints make them even more enticing to jump into. I mean...who doesn’t want a pair of pajamas covered in adorable little pups?!

P.J. Salvage Cool Dogs Top and Shorts


I am obsessed with candles - I strongly believe that you can never have too many. My roommates and I absolutely LOVE getting together at the end of the day and lighting some of our faves so our house feels extra cozy and smells delish. It is so calming and a great little indulgence during exams when you’re often spending a lot of time inside to study. This candle from Bath & Body Works is heavenly.

Image via @bathandbodyworks


Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. Nothing beats getting into a warm bath to de-stress. It’s so peaceful and the perfect way to turn off your brain after a day of endless readings and flash cards. A little wine always helps too... If you want to kill two birds with one stone, try using epsom salts or lavender scented bubble bath in the bath for the most relaxing way detox! We also love this bubble bath by L'Occitane

Image via Sephora


Under all the stress and pressure of exam season, your skin is far more likely to break out, so face masks are serious life savers. My best friend introduced me to Lush face masks and now I swear by them. Their natural ingredients always leave my skin feeling fresh and flawless. I highly recommend them.


Image via @lushcosmetics


Last but not least, the most important thing you have to do is get 8 or more hours of sleep during exams. Your brain is working hard all day, and it’s not worth staying up late to cram for an exam, only to be so tired that you forget everything you learned in class and spent hours studying the day before. Take it from me, who takes multiple naps and gets 8 hours of sleep a night during exam period: you’ll feel so much better, get better grades, and won’t have to worry about sleeping through your morning exam because you crammed until 4AM. Sleep is so worth it, promise! 


This article was written by Sarah Smith, fourth year student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, and summertime associate/weekend manager at V.O.C. in Oakville! Learn more about Sarah on our "Our Story" page, and be sure to visit her in stores over the Christmas holidays. We can't wait to have her back!


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