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DIY: Holiday Christmas Cards & Tags

’TIS THE SEASON FOR DIY Projects:      Christmas Edition

The Holiday season is always a good opportunity to exercise your creative side and get a little crafty. Rather than picking from the typical Hallmark Christmas card options this year or buying gift tags, why not take a stab at making your own? We've picked a few of our favourites that we'll be trying over the holidays this year. Which one do you like the most?!

1/ Reindeer Thumbs 

These adorable little reindeer can be done by even the least crafty person. Perfect for your S/O or bestie!

2/ Reindeer Tags

Your gifts under the tree are sure to be easily distinguishable with these inventive tags! Not to mention it gives you an excuse to snack on peanuts in the crafting process ;). Nom.

3/ Snowman buttons 

So simple, yet so lovely. Just what you’ve been looking for to get rid of all those random buttons you have lingering around (or is that just me?).


4/ Wreath Card

These beautiful cards require as little effort as a trip outside to your backyard of greenery. You could also use rosemary as a pleasant smelling alternative…


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