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Fitness: 5 Tips For The Holidays

5 Fitness Tips To Stay On Track

We’ve all had those years when working out has become our last priority over the holidays and the result is that we end up really regretting skipping all of those workouts and eating and drinking more than normal… it’s not fun and usually results in a few extra pounds gained. We are NOT going to do that this year! To keep you motivated so you can be closer rather than further from your fitness goals by 2016, we’ve compiled 5 tips the V.O.C. girls swear by for staying on track over the holidays! 

Enjoy! XO

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1/ Take a new class with friends and family over the holidays

The holidays can often be one of the busiest times of year for many, and with all of the added commitments from holiday parties and trying to get together with every friend, working out often takes a back seat to your social life. One of the best solutions if you’re really committed to getting as many workouts in as possible over the holidays, is trying out a new class with a friend or family member — you kill two birds with one stone! We recommend looking in to Class Pass in your city - it’s $89/month for unlimited classes at a variety of studios. The only catch, you can only go to any given studio a maximum of 3x per month!


2/ Find your motivation

This time of year can easily become a time when people let go and forget about their daily routines, which includes their early morning or after work sweat session. Most of us take time off, go on vacation or a staycation, and generally no longer have that consistency we are use to having before December. To stay consistent with your workouts despite the shake up of your schedule over the “winter break,” find a way to find your motivation and make sure it is reinforced every day. Nobody wants to wake up on January 2nd regretting all of the fun they had over the break because their bodies haven’t seen a gym in weeks. Whether you’re doing something as drastic as putting a picture of your inspiration body on your fridge, or you have an event coming up that you want to drop 10 pounds for, figure out what it is that keeps you motivated and use that to get you out of bed and to the gym. Getting there may be hard, but you’ll feel so much better when you’re done!! Trust us!


3/ Start tracking

If you’re one for analysis and numbers, one of the best ways to track your consistency with workouts and making sure you get those 10,000 steps in is by purchasing a Fitbit wristband. This can track your heart rate, steps, calories burned, and active minutes in addition to how much sleep your getting…all factors that contribute to weight loss or gain. 

Another great tool to use in combination with tracking your activity, is tracking your calories with myfitnesspal. Once you get all of your regular foods in the app after a month or so, it will remember everything for easy entry and tracking of daily calorie intake! Bonus: You can also enter your workouts!


4/ Portion control

One of the hardest but most important ways to ensure you don’t pack on the pounds over the winter is by watching what you eat. If you’re going to have dessert every night, make sure you’re taking the smallest portion and not going for seconds…we know, our self-control has to be really strong in moments like these. But it’s these small, but significant choices that differentiate the committed people from those who aren't. And if you do slip up once in a while, (which is inevitable!) just make sure you're getting a great workout in to burn it off! 


5/ Get outside

With all of this time off spent inside our houses over the holidays, it’s a really good idea to get outside, get some fresh air, and find an outdoor activity that also burns calories. Whether it’s getting added cardio by walking around the city doing your shopping or sightseeing, skating at one of our many skating rinks, or by cross country skiing, it’s a great time of year to take part in a winter activity that’s fun and burns those extra calories you’ll likely be taking in with food. 


Good luck!


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