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Take a look at all the things we’re excited about this month. 

The People v. O.J. Simpson
Ok so anyone born after 1985 please disregard – but for the rest of you, how excited are you about this new TV series? The infamous O.J. Simpson case acted out on screen. The Kardashians before they were the Kardashians. John Travolta as Robert Shapiro. Sarah Palson as Marcia Clark. David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian. AND Cuba Gooding Jr. .as OJ!. Seriously does it get any better than this? We watched the first episode and are seriously hooked. Cue the white Bronco getaway. Tune in every Tuesday night at 10pm on FX.

Serial: Season Two

I know, we freaked out when the much anticipated second season of Serial started. Thursdays have never been more exciting (ok, every other Thursday). This season features the controversial case and story of Bowe Bergdahl, a U.S. soldier held by the Taliban for nearly five years. Check us this incredibly entertaining podcast – and if you haven’t listened to the first season yet… do it.


Of course we love this book. And if you haven't picked it up yet, you have to asap -- it's a must read! Written by the founder of Nastygal, Sophia Amoruso... #lifegoals, this book encourages us to be ourselves and find and make our destiny. Sound cheesy? We promise it's not. Perfect for any woman young or old, it will motivate and inspire you. Plus it’s a fun, quick read. BONUS: Her second book is coming out stay tuned. Also, since this book has come out, Sophia Amoruso has launched #girlboss radio a podcast (subscribe here) where she interviews other girl bosses who share their stories and life lessons. 

Follow Sophia on Instagram and Snapchat (@sophiaamoruso) for more #girlboss inspiration...



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