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Fitness Tips For The Traveller

With less than 15 weeks until D-Day, or should I say WE-Day, staying fit and focused is top of mind. Throw in a vacation and all the hard work these past few months could go right out the window (or right to my thighs!). Finding a balance between vacation and #weddingdiet has been key this week while I soak up the sun in Florida. Here are my tips and tricks to keep fit and healthy while travelling!

I take my running shoes everywhere I go. Even if a hotel doesn’t have a gym, you can always take a jog outside. Lucky for me I’ve been right on the beach this week so my morning runs have been glorious. Taking a quick jog each morning is simple and it sets your day in the right direction.


The best thing about yoga is that you can literally do it anywhere. I bring a travel mat with me whenever I travel. Mat or no mat, it’s an easy thing to do on the beach, in your hotel room or anywhere.  

Kayla Itsines Training:
If you haven’t heard of Kayla yet…. get on it!   This workout phenomenon has amazing workout guides that you can do anywhere with simply your body – no equipment required. Each session is an intense 30-minute strength-training workout. The workouts are incredibly challenging but anyone can do anything for 30 minutes right? Her guides are available for purchase on her website - or try her out for free with a 7 day trial app.  


Clean eating doesn’t need to take a vacation. While it’s fun to indulge while travelling – it’s relatively simple to keep to your plan. Throw in a few cheat meals so you can enjoy a few great dinners (I aim for two a week) but make sure to keep breakfasts and lunch healthy and on track. As a rule of thumb I stick to eggs for breakfast and salads for lunch. When dining out for dinner I try to find the fish option - luckily sunny locations always have great fresh fish. Oh, and wine doesn’t count when on vacation. 

XOXO, Emily

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