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Brand Profile: Amarilo Jewelry


Our favourite jewelry line, Amarilo, has been re-stocked PLUS we've added new styles -  just in time for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a best friend, or for yourself, there’s something for everyone. From chokers and lariats, to rings and ear threaders…We love it all! How can we choose? Answer: we don’t! Invest in your favourite pieces and keep building on your collection from there! Some call it an addiction…

Continue reading for a little bit more about the brand, their cult following and our beginners guide to Amarilo.



Amarilo Jewelry is an L.A. based jewelry label founded in 2012 by Ali Heiss, and is self-described as a “minimal fashion jewelry collection comprised of part fine and part fashion.” In other words, it’s our new go-to for high quality, minimalist, and super feminine jewelry. Everything is so dainty and beautiful, you can tell it has some West Coast inspiration. We just want to throw on a tank and denim cutoffs somewhere sunny, and have all our Amarilo jewels do all the talking… it’s that easy to throw on for day to day wear yet makes such a statement. You may have also heard of their sister brand, Haati Chai. 

Ali Heiss and Stella Simona of Amarilo and Haati Chai


You may also recognize the brand from their huge celebrity following which includes Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Chrissy Teigen, as well as more recently on model Rocky Barnes, and bloggers Jessi Malay and Marianna Hewitt. 

Jessi Malay from My White T in the Delaney Lariat 


Rocky Barnes 

 Marianna Hewitt



Amarilo Alexa Coin Choker paired with the Liv Necklace

There are so many beautiful pieces — we honestly want all of it. For those of you that are new to the brand or don’t have your first piece yet, here are 4 items we think are must-haves. 

1. Choker

If you haven’t been a fan of chokers in the past, you’ll want to give these Amarilo styles a try. We can’t keep these guys in stock and for obvious reasons - they’re unique, super feminine, and perfect for everyday wear. We love them with a basic tee or blouse, and stacked with other chokers and necklace styles. And in addition, almost all of them pair with a matching lariat for a great evening look, or with a v-neck tee. 

Alexa Coin Choker, Minimalist Choker, Solana Drop Necklace (pictured)

2. Lariat

These are a must to elevate your jewelry game. Wear with a choker or by itself, either way, all of the lariats make a statement and add a beautiful, delicate element to every outfit. 

Delaney Lariat (pictured)

3. Earrings

It’s the year of the ear — LOL — everyone we know is going out and getting multiple piercings to showcase their new ear candy, and we LOVE it. We love the Initial Earrings, Ayla Posts, the Liv Earrings, and Moon & Star Threaders… there’s a style for everyone and they couldn’t be cooler. 

Liv Earrings (pictured)

Janessa Threaders (pictured on Kylie Jenner)


4. Rings

The dainty jewelry trend began with rings, and we don’t see any sign of it stopping. We recommend starting with the Essentials Set, and gradually step up your ring game from there. You can add the Tristen or the Aieta Opal Ring or both depending on your style. There really are no rules - everything works so well together. 

Amarilo Aieta Opal Ring in Gold (pictured)


Happy shopping and enjoy! XO.

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