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Holiday: Father's Day Gift Ideas

We can't believe Father's Day is just around the corner! It seems like we just finished buying our Mother's Day gifts and are now starting to brainstorm some ideas for our dads! When thinking of a Father's Day gift this year it's good to keep in mind your budget, the type of dad you have and how much time you have to buy a gift. Depending on how you are purchasing your gift, if you're ordering from online, it may take a bit longer, so give yourself some time. We love shopping for our dads because every year it seems that gifts get cooler and more unique. We've listed some of our favourite gift ideas for your dad this Father's Day ranging in price and fitting for all different types of dads!

Beer Caddy 

If your dad is more of a laid back cottage guy, a beer caddy is the perfect gif! Who wants to keep going back and forth to the cottage to get another beer when you can use a caddy to carry beers down to the dock? We love this hand-carved caddy personalized with initials on the side. It even features a cute little opener built into the side of the caddy itself. This makes for the perfect Father's Day gift. Its great for the cottage, while entertaining or going back and forth to the dock! 

JBL Portable Speakers

Speakers are always a safe bet for your dad on Father's Day! JBL speakers are probably one of our favourite brands to buy, as we find them great quality, extremely easy to bring anywhere and the price is great.  Heading away for the weekend or to the cottage, these are the easiest bluetooth speakers! 

Gage Leather Strap Watch 

If you're looking for a safer gift to buy your dad, a classic leather watch strap is the perfect choice! This gift falls under the higher price point bracket, ranging around $150-$350. It's a timeless gift that your dad will have years to come! 

Bacon and Bourbon Candle  

This is a great gift option that won't break the bank! Its a masculine scent thats fun, fresh and perfect for burning at the cottage. Its's a great price and awesome gift to pair with another small gift, such as with BBQ accessories or with a set of beer or whiskey glasses. 


George Foreman Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press 

If you're dad considers himself a chef and enjoys cooking on his time off, the George Foreman electric indoor grill and and panini press is the ultimate gift. It's perfect for grilling outside in the summer for barbecues and using indoors as well. Perfect for making the famous "dad" grilled sandwiches!


Apple Watch 

If you're wanting to splurge on your dad this year, what better present than the multi-purpose Apple watch? Our manager Jill has one and it serves so many purposes, they are absolutely awesome! Even if you're dad isn't a tech guy, this watch is user friendly. It's perfect for a dad that is on the go and doesn't always look at his phone for texts, as it has iMessage, email, apps and even fitness tracking features. You can't go wrong with this splurge! 


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