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Gift Guide: Ideas For Your Dog



Tis' the season of gift giving and the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But as many of us dog lovers know, we can't forget about our pups this time of year! As the temperature starts to drop and walks and plays at the park may get a bit shorter, there's no better time to treat your dog. After all, they are pretty important members of the family! We hope you love these gift ideas as much as we do! 


Treat your pup to a good hair and nail cut for the holidays at Bark and Fitz, Oakville. Marie's dog, Fozzie Bear, gets the Anna Wintour cut by Rachel. For those of you in Toronto, Emily's dog, Rupert, loves the SPAW Boutique on King Street West. 


2. APPAREL FROM Dogfather & Co.

How handsome is this boyfriend-style Canadian sweater! It's from the Dogfather, a dog store on Yonge St. that is all the rage right now. We are also loving this Canadian made dog jacket by Elanor. Each jacket by Elanor is made with "recycled materials and repurposed production scraps" which is amazing -- a brand we definitely want to support! 


Is there really a better gift for a dog than some healthy treats that they can sniff out from under the tree on Christmas morning? With the Bulk Barn that has moved in across from our Liberty Village location, we've discovered how many dog treats they carry. This year we plan on filling mason jars with treats for the dog(s) - filled with Bulk Barn's All Natural Grain Free Pumpkin Dog Biscuits and Salmon Biscuits. If you don't have a Bulk Barn near you, Zuke's Mini Naturals Salmon treats are another great option - and they're perfect for training! 


Keep your pup dry in the rain with this super stylish coat by Hunter! Hunter is German designed, and known for their high quality products! It also is machine-washable which is always a bonus!


For those of you with smaller dogs, this is a must! It not only helps when dogs are out in the backyard at night, but it's great for evening walks as well - especially when there are lots of cars around. They go over your pups head and sit gently on their neck without being too heavy. And on a walk or at playtime, they don't even notice it's on! Great for big dogs as well! 


Unleashed in the City offers amazing dog walking packages from their "Adventure Hikes" to their "Park Play" which take your pup in a pack of dogs everywhere from Cherry Beach to urban dog parks around the city! Emily's dog Rupert has been doing this for a while now, and Emily says it has made him such a happy and well socialized dog - not to mention it keeps him busy and exercised while she is busy at work during the day! 


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