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We're bringing out our inner Martha Stewart with these awesome DIY holiday gifts. Check out these great ideas for both a fun craft and easy, one of a kind gifts for friends and family. 



No gift can be given without a great card, so why not personalize your cards this year with this fun DIY idea. Also, we're always looking for an excuse to get crafty, so why not start here! All you need is some 1) cardstock (folded in half), 2) giant sequins, buttons or gemstones, 3) craft glue, and a 4) fineline permanent marker. For more holiday card DIY ideas, check out our blog here


To accompany your card and gift, I love attaching a cute Christmas Ornament to the ribbon on the gift. If you're like me and in the Christmas spirit, you also love collecting ornaments, so why not help your friends & family do the same. Plus, it's so fun to pick out or DIY the perfect ornament that you know someone will love. Try this DIY (pictured above). All you need are 1) pinecones, 2) mini pom poms, 3) string or ribbon (we like the gold string this DIY'er used), and 4) a hot glue gun and glue. For the full list of instructions, click here


We think knitting something makes the perfect gift, as there are so many options for things you can knit people that you can make it really personal! If they love beanies, you can knit an adorable hat. If they love a scarf, you can knit them the perfect scarf in their favourite colour. The options are endless! Plus, it's such a relaxing thing to do on the weekends. All you need is some yarn, knitting needles, an idea, and you're good to go! For Jill's blanket (pictured above), she ordered yarn from the famous knitting store Purl Soho. Something like this or this is great and convenient, or you can just steal inspiration from them and source the wool yourself! 


This is a great gift idea for all the bakers out there and for people that love homemade treats but don't have all the time in the world to bake something from scratch! And this way, you've done all the hard work for them! It's a cute, easy, and affordable gift to give to your loved ones this holiday season. We also love the idea of including a little script of what each jar entails. For instructions on a great cookie mix/mason jar diy, click here


In Oakville we are spoiled with a pottery painting and clay studio just around the corner from us called Crack Pot. It's not only fun, but the pottery becomes an amazing personalized, one of a kind gift! We highly recommend checking the studio out - they have an amazing selection of pottery pieces for their guests to paint. Such a fun activity to do on a rainy day or during an afternoon with friends. It's also the best place for hosting kids birthday parties. 


Ok, we love this idea and it looks so fun. We were so surprised by how easy this is to do from home. We love that you can even personalize the candles by adding scents that the recipient loves! You can also buy cool coloured mason jars, or jars with patterns on them like the jars pictured above. If you're willing to put in a little extra time to make a unique and personal gift, this DIY is for you! For instructions, click here

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