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Into The Wild: Camping in PEI

Into The Wild: Camping Essentials & What To Do in PEI

There is no denying the beauty that Canada beholds. There are SO many breathtaking things to see and fun places to visit that each offer something new and exciting. While I've been lucky enough to visit the West Coast in the past, I've also had the pleasure of heading out East quite a few times to visit family and my boyfriend who goes to school in Halifax (ahh the perks of long distance, ha!).

Exploring New Brunswick's "Flower Pot Rocks" in Hopewell 

Since we've already done just about every typical touristy thing you can do in Nova Scotia, we decided to hop in the car and head up to Cavendish in PEI for some good ol' camping fun. 

I am such a planner, especially when it comes to travelling. There is seriously nothing worse than getting to your final destination and not having everything that you need. Chances are that you're probably gunna need that safety kit and extra pack of hair ties when you least expect, so better be safe than sorry, right? Brandon thinks I am totally crazy, ha. So here is the perfect camping checklist for all of your absolute necessities. This thing was so handy...gotta love Pinterest. 

The drive from Nova Scotia to PEI is about 3 and a half hours long so having a good playlist is definitely key. Nothing beats driving down open roads on a nice summer day with Mumford & Sons playing in the background.

We stayed at PEI National Park's Cavendish Campground and it was beautiful. We were lucky enough to score a beachfront camp site (apparently they're always booked up during the summer plan ahead if you're hoping to be right next to the water because it was totally worth it).

We spent our days at the red sand beach, soaking up the sun, building inukshuks, hanging around the campfire and exploring a few of the many hiking trails at the park. I was as happy as a clam. Brandon was sweating from every pore on his body. It was sooo HOT outside and these trails were a lot longer than I had thought, ha. Woopsies. 

Lucky for us there was a Cow's ice cream store just down the road from the park so we were able to cool off with my favourite East coast treat. More than once. I may or may not have put on 10 pounds while we were away. 

So yummy. 

We had so much fun touring around the East Coast from Halifax, New Brunswick, PEI and back again. If you're planning a trip out that way this summer I highly recommend heading to Cavendish for a little camping adventure. You will not be disappointed! 

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