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Lifestyle: Father's Day Gift Guide

8 Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love

1. Not your typical "Dad jeans"

I think it's safe to say that most of our dads are guilty of having at least one pair of "dad jeans" in their wardrobe. Father's day is the perfect time to break this wardrobe faux-pas and gift your dad some new jeans. We love this "slim straight" style by AG Jeans that is a modern take on the straight leg jean and looks polished yet casual -- pairing well with any style of shoes. Tell your dad they're great for casual Friday or for weekends! 


2. Dinner at Noble Bistro

A farm to table dinner is a fool proof way to treat dad on Father's Day. With the head chef winning Chopped Canada in 2014 and opening The Devonshire Inn before it became The Drake Devonshire, you can trust that the food is going to be amazing. They've also recently added an outdoor patio for the summer months. Make reservations early, as we are sure it's going to fill up quick! 

3. Boy Smells Candle in Cedar Stack

Our candles from Boy Smells are a must-have for your house, especially in Cedar Stack. It's also the perfect little gift to give to dad. From the packaging and presentation to the scent, we know he'll love this! 

 4. Golf Trunk Organizer 

If your dad is a golf fanatic, this gift is a must! This compact golf gear organizer allows you to store your shoes, balls, tees, spikes and towels. It's perfect to avoid messy car trunks, and will save your dad time looking for his golf equipment and instead give him more time on the golf course! These organizers range from about $30-$80 depending on how many compartments you want and you can find them on Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Golf Town

5. Kiehl's Mens Skincare

Another great option for Father's day is a skincare set from Kiehl's! It's a nice way to get your dad to pamper himself, and the Men's Starter Kit is ideal if you're dad doesn't already have a skincare routine; it includes the essentials such as face wash, shaving cream, post shaving cream repair gel and moisturizer. Another great choice is the men's travel kit which great for the dad who is always on the go.

 6. FitBit 

Whether your dad is a fitness junky or he needs a little push to get active, the Fitbit makes the perfect gift -- also what dad doesn't love gadgets? The Fitbit becomes personalized to the owner, monitoring your heart rate, sleeping habits, weight and steps for the day, and you can even manually upload your food intake. You can also pair it wirelessly with the Fitbit Weigh Scale which is a great option to keep dad on track! 

7. Activity

One of our favourite Father's Day gift ideas is doing an activity with your dad that he loves. We love the idea of taking your dad golfing or on a guided fishing trip for the day. Rock climbing at the YMCA in Oakville or going to a baseball game are also great options. This is also a perfect excuse to get outdoors this Father's Day.


8. BBQ Accessories 

If your dad owns the barbecue during the summer months and is always looking for excuses to put something on the grill, BBQ accessories are a win for Father's Day. You may even get a great meal out of it! Whether it's new tongs, grilling brushes or grilling thermometers, any of these would make a great gift! Weber makes a ton of great barbecue accessories including this Gourmet Pizza Stone for making stone oven pizza at home...yum! 





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