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Lifestyle: New Year's Resolutions for 2017

New Year's Resolutions for 2017


With a new year right around the corner, naturally, it has us thinking of fresh starts and setting goals for ourselves that will set us up to have the most positive start to 2017. For this post, we've asked a few of the V.O.C. girls to share what their New Year's Resolutions are for 2017! It was a great opportunity to take a few moments to reflect on the past year, and cook up a few ideas for ourselves for the new year. We hope you enjoy! 


1. Enjoy the moment

"I’m so busy and focused on what I need to do next that I often don’t take in the moment that’s happening around me.  This means waiting 10 minutes to do the dishes or spending an extra 10 minutes talking to a friend, etc."

2. Relax/Take Time for Myself
"With a little guy on his way this year, I’m really trying to enjoy my mornings and weekend afternoons.  I know time to myself is quickly going to be a thing of the past so I’m really trying to relax guilt-free and enjoy the calm peacefulness of my life before baby."
3. Eat my veggies
"With this pregnancy I’ve been craving carbs and sweets and allowing myself to indulge a little. I need to get back to lots of veggies and healthy snacks in 2017." 


1. Learn how to use a clay wheel
"I follow this incredible ceramist from Copenhagen @tortus_copenhagen on Instagram and he has inspired me to want to sign up for a wheel class at the Gardiner Museum."
2. Read a book a month. 
"I have a massive pile of books beside my bed that I never end up getting to (it's Netflix's fault)." 


3. Go on more adventures! 

"They say that collecting experiences is key to a happy life and I am dying to get to the Albright Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo."


1. Cook more

"I want to learn how to cook more staple meals and try new meals as well! I'm on the hunt to find a good (and somewhat easy) cook book that I can try new recipes with and go from there! I'm thinking i'll try Chrissy Teigen's cookbook as i've heard really good things about it."

2. Get into a fitness routine

"SO TYPICAL, but needed. I'm going to try to develop a routine that I can stick with throughout the year instead of lasting month(LOL). Not trying to work towards anything, I just want to feel healthy and strong!" 


1. Learn to play piano

"When I was a kid I took piano lessons and lasted less than a year because I found it so boring and exhausting to practice. Now that i'm older and have the patience, and know how important it is to challenge your brain and teach yourself something new each decade, I think i'll give piano another shot. And I also have a nice piano at home that needs to get used!" 

2. Teach myself to meditate and de-stress

"I'm one of those annoying people that never stops thinking, and I feel like in 2017 I need to find something that allows me to shut my brain off. I've heard of a few great meditating apps and have read about the benefits of taking 15 minutes in the morning to meditate to de-stress and keep your stress and mood in check all day. In 2017, I'm challenging myself to meditate at least 3 times a week to keep my overthinking at bay." 

3. Keep time on my phone to a minimum  

 "This past year i've found myself glued to my phone wasting so much precious time scrolling or trying to entertain myself. In 2017 I want to make a conscious effort to stop myself when I find that i'm mindlessly scrolling, and take that time to be productive and pick up a book or talk with a friend!" 


1. Travel

"I am currently planning a backpacking trip to Central America for the New Year which I am extremely excited about. I have been to Costa Rica and absolutely fell in love so it just made sense to explore the rest of Central America. I'm hoping to plan a road trip (which I have never done) later in the year as well!"

2. House Renovations

"My boyfriend and I have recently started renovating our house and are hoping to get some bigger renovations done in 2017. Building a new deck, redoing our kitchen, and finding new art work just to name a few things..."

3. Socialize

"As I'm getting older I am finding it harder and harder to make time for the people in my life. Nothing sounds better than staying in, cooking a yummy meal and relaxing in the comfort of my house BUT it's SO important to see friends and family. I plan to make the a priority for 2017."

4. Watch Less TV 

"My addiction to reality TV is a little more than just a guilty pleasure.  It's the last thing I do before I go to bed and the first thing I do when I wake up. This resolution is definitely not going to be easy and I'm hoping for the best."

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