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Q&A with Emily: First month with baby

For our store owner, Emily, this summer is definitely different from years prior (in the best way!) since the arrival of her first baby, Arthur Bennett Charles, who was born in June! We couldn't be more excited to welcome this little guy to the V.O.C. team and can't wait to spend more time with him and watch him grow up! For this week's post, we're picking Emily's brain about all things Arthur and how she's been doing the first month post-pardum. From what she's learned this last month, to must-have baby products, Emily is sharing it all in this post! 

We hope you enjoy it! XX

1. First of all, can you tell us a little bit about Arthur?!

Arthur Bennett Charles was born on June 2nd. He's the sweetest little guy and somehow has a calm disposition despite his parents' personalities. He already has funny quirks that make me laugh and of course he's absolutely adorable. Can you tell that I'm in total love with this little guy?

2. Before Arthur was born, what was one thing you did to prepare that helped ease the process of adding a new family member?

Jeff and I talked about Art all of the time. We to him, we talked about him, we pictured him in our life together. We also asked all of our friends a million questions on how to adjust and what to expect. You can never be prepared for how drastically your life is going to change but understanding that everyone goes through it and that the first 90 days are going to be a challenge helps the adjustment period. I think we were also totally ready for the next stage in life. Both Jeff and I are 35- we've traveled a ton, we have great friends and have had amazing life experiences. We're obviously going to keep doing all these things, but it helps knowing that we're ready for the next phase and chose it.

3. What was one thing you wished you had known before the baby, that you know now?

Everyone told me to sleep as much as I could before the baby. I wish I had been told to enjoy my independence more. I was so focused on resting up before his arrival when I wish I had done more out of the house both solo and with Jeff in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I never have a moment alone anymore and I miss my solitude and ability to do anything on a whim!

5. Can you share one thing you've learned in the past month?!

You can really get by on very little sleep. I am shocked at how I'm able to function on a few hours. From someone who loves their sleep I never understood how mom's were able to function on a few hours. It's totally totally true and totally manageable. Coffee really helps! Plus family naps on the couch are my favourite.

6. Anything you wished moms had told you and/or not told you pre-baby?

I was not prepared for the physical changes post-pardom. I knew it would be awhile before the pre-baby figure returns (it's going to be a long road ahead) - but I wasn't prepared for the physical shifting of bones and hips and muscles and joints after the baby. I was very uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy and I thought the pain would disappear the minute he came out. I'm shocked how the pain and discomfort has continued and even worsened since he arrived. It's really quite incredible what the body does!

7. Do you have any advice you want to give to soon to be moms? 

Enjoy your baby! I'm shocked at how much work and time and effort it takes to look after a baby. As a super Type A, productive person, I struggle with how little I accomplish in a day now. But then I remind myself that my job right now is to be Art's mom and that I should embrace and enjoy the time together. I wish he could stay this small forever (but sleep through the night...!).

8. What's one baby product you/Arthur can't live without?

Arthur LOVES his Dock-a-Tot. It's the most expensive pillow you can purchase but it's a lifesaver. Every new mom should have one. 

9. What has been your go-to meal or craving since Arthur arrived?

Luckily my love for healthy food (salads and smoothies and fish) has returned. While I was pregnant I was a total carb-avore and sugar addict- which was something new to me.  I felt like I could have drunk an entire bottle of maple syrup, I was in need of so much sugar. Now the idea makes me want to vomit. Ever since Art arrived I've been craving fruits and veggies and fish again. I eat sushi and drink cold pressed juice like it's my day job.

10. What are you most looking forward to doing now that Arthur is here?

I can't wait to go for a run again. I miss being physically active. My body is craving exercise. That first run will be a struggle but I cannot wait. 2 more weeks until I get the go-ahead to start!

11. Any must have beauty product recommendations post baby?

Anything quick! My showers and get-ready routine have been cut down to 10 minutes. I never understood how mom's said they don't have time to get ready. I now totally understand it and savour the weekends when I can take a long shower while Jeff is home. I have never enjoyed showering so much in my life.

12. How are you taking time for yourself since Arthur arrived? Any recommendations for how to relax?

I haven't figured this one out yet! Art and I went for my first pedicure this week. It was a game changer. I felt like a human again. The trick is to go RIGHT when they fall asleep otherwise you end up like this with a sleeping baby on you the entire time...

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