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If you're like us, you're always looking for an excuse for a fun new DIY and with Fall in full swing and Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some of our favourite DIY crafts for Fall. These five craft ideas will add just the right amount of seasonal decor to your home, and are super fun and easy to make. We hope you like them as much as we do! 

1. Tree Branch Coasters

When we're spending more time inside during the cooler months it's nice to be able to bring elements of the outside in to warm up a home! We love the idea of these tree branch coasters. They not only look pretty, but they'll save your wood tables from drink rings during entertaining season. 

What you'll need

Rubber leaf stamp, wood slices or you can saw a fallen tree branch! 



2. Gourd Candle Holders

We think these are such a great way to introduce Fall accents into your home. Perfect for a Thanksgiving table centre piece, or for a fireplace mantle! Plus, making these is a piece of cake. 

What you'll need

Assorted gourds, knife to cut the width of the candle into the gourd, and tealight candles. 


Simply carve a hole into the gourd that is the width and depth of the tea light, and pop the tea light in! 

Image via Inspiring Pretty


3. DIY Fall Wreath

How great is this Fall wreath? We think it adds such a nice feature to your front door in the Fall and we love the bright orange and natural tones. 

What you'll need

Fake flowers with stems, foam ring, wire cutters to cut thick plastic flower stems.


First, cut the stem of the flowers so they are about an inch or two long. You don't want these to exceed the width of the foam ring, or they will poke through it. Next, start adding flowers. Once the wreath is full, tie a ribbon or burlap around it and secure it to your front door! Super simple and it looks great! 

Check out Two Bees in a Pod for the full list of instructions and step by step images!  

Image and idea from Two Bees in a Pod 

4. Foliage Pumpkins

A simple, more sophisticated way to decorate your pumpkins a little differently this year! They look great for interior or exterior decor, and bonus: there is no carving required! 

What you'll need

White gourds, leaves from your backyard, Mod Podge. 


Once you've gathered some pretty leaves, add Mod Podge to either side of each leaf and stick to the pumpkin until all of the leaves have been placed. Hold down for a few seconds to ensure the leaves are sticking properly. Let the glue dry overnight! 

Image via Country Living

5. Burlap Pinecones

How cute is this idea for an outdoor light or even a front or side door at your house? It's a festive yet subtle way to add a hint of fall to your home's exterior. 

What you'll need

Pinecones, burlap, wire.


Firstly, create a bow with burlap. Next, using wire, weave the pinecones together, and tie to to the burlap bow. Fix to a door knob or outdoor lantern for a festive look. 


Image via Inspiring Pretty


Have any of you tried these crafts? If so, we'd love to hear from you! Give us a shout at! 

Q&A: 25 Questions with Store Manager Amanda

This week on the blog, we thought we'd do a Q&A with one of our Oakville Store Managers to share a little bit more about us, how we discovered V.O.C., and more! So here you have it, 25 questions with Amanda! In this post, we're giving you the scoop on Amanda where she answers everything from her first job to her guilty pleasure!

We hope you enjoy it! XO.


1. Where are you from and what's your role here at the store? How did you hear about VOC?

I'm from Oakville and have always shopped at V.O.C. I started shopping here when the store first opened in Oakville about 7 years ago.

2. What was your first job? 

My first job was at a consignment store here in Oakville. I was 15 and in grade 9 when I got the job and worked there on and off for 6 years. It was such a fun place to work. I have always loved clothes and to work in an upscale consignment store, I was exposed to some of the coolest pieces and I learned a ton about different brands, the quality of certain clothes and gained an appreciation for well-made clothing. Not to mention all the vintage finds were amazing!

3. Where and what did you study at school?

I went to Carleton University in Ottawa. I studied Communications with a specialization in Media and Identity. It was such an interesting program because it was pretty broad you really got to pick the areas of Communications that particularly interested you. Ottawa was also a great city to live in for 4 years. 

4. If you could do any job in the world what would it be?

I have always loved fashion since I was a child. I have always been obsessed with clothes from a young age, always planning outfits and dressing up in different outfits. When I was younger I always wanted to be involved in fashion somehow, however I do remember going through a phase where I wanted to be a teacher for the longest time.  

5. Are you a morning person or night owl?

Probably not really either! I'm not one to stay up super late but I'm not one to sleep in super late either or wake up really early. I guess I'm kind of in the middle!

6. Dog or cat person?

Dog person, 100%. To be honest, cats kind of scare me!

7. Go to meal or favourite type of food?

That would be a toss up between Mexican and Italian. I would eat either everyday if I could.

8. What is your pet peeve?

When people chew really loudly or cut you off when you're talking. Both drive me crazy!

9. What is your guilty pleasure?

That is an easy question! Reality TV, 100%. Keeping Up With The Kardashians to be specific. I don't think I have ever missed an episode - probably shouldn't be saying that proudly haha!

10. What is the best purchase you ever made?

Thats a tough one! However, I would have to say, all things considered, my UGG slippers are one of the best things I've ever bought. They literally are the coziest slippers ever and I wear them all the time when I'm home.

11. If you could buy anything right now what would it be?

Probably this black leather Erin Templeton tote bag that I've been eying for a while!



12. One style/trend you love and want to try?

I wish I could pull off overalls! I absolutely love the look of them. I've been wanting these Levi overalls for the Fall but I don't think I can pull off the look!


13. What are your favourite brands at the store?

My top three favourite brands that we carry at the store would have to be Amuse, Rails and Bella Dahl. I can't resist buying at least one item from each brand when we get new arrivals in the store!


14. What is a trend you're excited for most this Fall/Holiday season?

I am loving the cropped slightly flared jeans with ankle booties. It kind of has a vintage vibe to it, which I love! I am also loving anything camel coloured for fall... or slip on loafers! So cute. 


15. Your top two style icons?

I absolutely love anything that Sienna Miller wears, she always looks so cool and chic! I also love anything model Elyse Taylor wears and also blogger Emma Hill from London. I love how each of their style is simple yet cool. They all add vintage or boho accents to their outfits, which I love!

16. Trend or trends you hate?

I hate acid wash jeans! I also don't really know if this was ever a trend but I really don't like  long sleeve tops under short sleeve tops. I just don't understand it!

17. What is one trend you wish that you never wore?

That is such an easy question! Corduroy bell bottom pants. What was I thinking?!

18. What can't you leave the house without?

Vaseline lip gloss/lip chap, always! I would rather leave my phone at home than leave the house without lip chap.

19. What are your favourite beauty products?

I literally have been using the same skin care and makeup for like the past 6 years. I always use the Aveeno Moisturizer that has SPF 15 in it!I use it morning and night. I find it so moisturizing without it being heavy and leaving your skin oily. I also love and have been using these products for forever, Lancome concealer and the dual finish powder. They are my staple items I use everyday. I don't like thick makeup and I find the Lancome powder is perfect and light along with the concealer.


20. What is your go to drink?

Moscow mule - especially in the summer! I think one of the best places that serves Moscow mules believe it or not is Earls! They are always so good from there! This drink has a little kick and is very refreshing. If you like anything ginger flavoured you will love this drink!


21. What is your favourite restaurant?

I don't have one particular restaurant that I love, I have a few! However one place that stands out in my mind for having some of the best food is the Italian restaurant La Pentola that is part of the boutique hotel Opus in Vancouver. They have amazing homemade fresh pasta! One of my favourites, for sure! 

22. When you aren't working, how do you spend your free time?

I like spending time with friends and family. Its always fun going into Toronto for a night out or out for dinner. I love just chilling out and relaxing when not working. A night in involving sweats and Netflix is my idea of relaxation. Also, a face mask and a bath are a perfect combination. It sounds weird but I also find working out not necessarily relaxing haha but a great way to de-stress!

23. What are your top 2 favourite TV shows?

This is a tricky question as well! However, I love Entourage and Big Little Lies. HBO always has the best shows!


24. What is your favourite workout?

It's hard to find a workout you actually like and that doesn't make feeling like working out such a daunting chore. I started doing kickboxing at Big Hit studios about a year ago. I'm addicted now, it's such a fun and intense workout. The classes always go by so fast! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has trouble finding a workout that they don't get bored of.


25. What is your dream vacation?

I have always wanted to go to a ranch in Montana. I've researched some amazing ranches in the mountains where you stay in cabins, ride horses, enjoy the outdoors and have bonfires at night. That sounds like so much fun and different from a typical vacation!



With back to school underway, the sun setting earlier and earlier, and the work grind starting to pick up again, we thought we'd put together a post this week to remind ourselves to slow down amidst the craziness of it all and take time for ourselves these next few months. Whether you're trying to de-stress, get fit, or fight off cold and flu season, here are our five of our tips to keep you in check this season! 

1. Find a workout you love

As we all know, it can be so hard to find a workout that you love and that you actually stick to. Whether it's before or after work, it's even harder to find the time to fit in a workout if we don't have an exercise, or a class that we feel really great doing. However, since Fall is a time that we tend to put on weight, we're challenging ourselves and you to find a workout you love and stick to it. 

Here are a few that we love or will be trying this fall!

Barre Life Studio 

If you're tired of running on a treadmill or riding the bike at the gym, join us in trying Barre Life Studio in Oakville - we've heard it's great for toning and tightening and a fast track to abs! Count us in.  

Soul Cycle - locations in Yorkville and King West

This is definitely worth a trip to the city. We've heard great things about the energizing, upbeat atmosphere and the great instructors. We've heard Tyrell's classes are amazing. 

Power Yoga Canada (PYC)

Yoga at PYC is a great option for muscle strength, flexibility, and total relaxation. The studio is super accommodating to beginners, and the workout is a great way to de-stress. Plus, they even have a free class on Sundays...bonus! 

Big Hit Kickboxing Studio - locations Oakville, Park Lawn, and Toronto 

The last workout that we love and always recommend is Big Hit Kickboxing studio. We love these workouts as they are cardio infused, muscle toning and not to mention, super fun! Each workout is dedicated for a different part of your body (such as core, arms and all over body workouts) allowing you to choose which area you want to focus on. However, all classes will make you sweat! We are addicted to Big Hit here at V.O.C!

2. Relax

It is so important to take time out of your day (even though some days it seems impossible!) to try and relax, even if it is just for 20 minutes.

One of our go to relaxation methods has been the Sage Diffuser - it diffuses essential oils into your space, and if you keep it in your bedroom, it's a great way to improve sleep and allow you to fall asleep faster. We recommend Lavender essential oil for relaxing and sleep, however Sage has a ton of essential oil options for you to choose from. 

Another way we love to relax and unwind, that's also great for your skin, is by applying a face mask as least once a week. Whether it's a hydrating or deep cleansing mask, doing this will bring a little zen back into your life and make you feel refreshed. We absolutely love any facial mask from the Aveda line, which can be found at Civello Salon on Lakeshore). We love the Radiant Skin Refiner masque and the Intense Hydrating Masque.

Taking baths is another favourite, whether it's with epsom salts or bath bombs, you are so relaxed and feel and smell amazing afterwards! We love any and every bath bomb from LUSH. From the colours, to scents these multilayered bath bombs are super cute and a fun way to take time to yourself! 


3. Get outside

There's no better time of year to get outside than in the Fall...and what better excuse to bundle up in your cutest outfit while getting some fresh air and exercise? We're planning to hike Rattlesnake Point this fall, visit Evergreen Brickworks Farmer's Market, and take a walk through High Park when the leaves change beautiful! 

Another great motivator to getting outside is by signing up for a 5k or 10k run or half marathon in the fall. We're always envious of those runners that are running practically year round training, and this time of year is always a great time to start something new. The Oakville Half Marathon is just around the corner on September 24th, but you also have the option to do the 5k or 10k routes. 

4. Add more veggies to your diet


One of our favourite things about Fall has to be all of the comfort food that we get to indulge in! A great way to get your comfort food fix without the calories is with a good vegetable soup recipe. We love this recipe from Fine Cooking that has tons of flavour. It's also a great way to get nutrients that help fight the flu and keep your immune system strong! 

We're also huge advocates of juicing and love that we have Green Press just steps away from the store on Lakeshore from fresh juices! We love their Mean Greens and Grapefruit Mint good and good for you! 




Style Watch: Get the Look Fall 2017

We always love looking to celebrities for style tips and looks, since they are always donning the latest trends and must-have pieces. As Fall is fast approaching, we wanted to showcase some of our favourite celebrities recent looks that we are obsessed with and tell you how to get them. Each celebrity is wearing a similar or exact piece that we carry here at V.O.C, as linked in the photos. We hope you love these looks as much as we do! XO

Smart Casual and Layering

One of our favourite go to looks here at V.O.C is the Canadian tuxedo as modeled by Olivia Palermo below. Pair this look with booties, mules, or sneakers for Fall and layer with a lightweight jacket for a simple, easy AND chic outfit! We love the Canadian tuxedo look with similar blue hues or a light denim shirt and darker blue skinnies. Olivia is rocking this a Rails denim shirt with her  AG 11 Year Ankle jeans...two of our favourites. If you like a high waisted jean you can also pair with the AG Farrah Interim Destroyed

Fall brings some of the best smart casual looks of the year! We love a great pair of jeans with a plain tee and a cozy jacket to throw over. To get Rosie's look (pictured below) check out the Amuse Tanner Tee and AG Ex-Boyfriend Jeans and our new Lyla and Luxe coats. To get Jenna's look check out our AG 11 year skinny jeans and the Velvet Imena sweater or Elia pullover for a casual look. We are all about neutral tones, layering and of course cozy pieces!

Rosie Huntington-Whitley 

Jenna Dewan 

Fall style is all about layering! We love pairing the Canadian Tuxedo trend with a chunky cardigan and an oversized wool jacket for the cooler fall days. Take a cue from Miranda Kerr, who styled her denim shirt with black jeans under a wool peacoat for a smart casual look. Get the look by pairing our Bella Dahl denim shirt or Rails denim shirt with our AG Black Farrahs and Lyla and Luxe grey coat. Add the Velvet Dallas cardigan for a complete layered look! Talk about easy chic!


Fall Cardigans

If the upcoming Fall season is anything like last years, where September and October were super warm, we will have to keep the fall layers lightweight and breathable! Luckily, one of easiest yet on trend looks this Fall is pairing a lightweight cardigan (like Jamie Chung and Jessica Alba) with a flowy maxi dress or jumpsuit underneath. 

Jessica Alba

You can get Jessica Alba's duster cardigan look by again pairing a loose fitting maxi dress with our new PPLA Aggie duster cardigan. To transition this look for cooler days, try swapping sneakers for ankle booties! 

Jamie Chung

You can get Jamie Chung's look by pairing our Lyla and Luxe Aggie cardigan (pictured below) with a loose fitting dress underneath.

The printed dress

Cindy Crawford

We love a printed dress in the Fall and Cindy Crawford's printed number is the perfect example! Get her look with our Velvet Whittier Dress, and try pairing it with a leather jacket in the evening and black heels! Perfect for day to night. 

Night Out

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect go-to night out outfit. We all have that one piece that we go to again and again in our closet when heading out for a night on the town. Black leather leggings are a staple piece that you will keep coming back to for nights out. We are absolutely loving Kaia Gerber's Paige leather pants as she wore hers with a printed blouse. You can get a similar look with our Paige Hoxton ankle jeans or our Velvet Berdine faux-leather leggings. Wear with a cute printed top such as our Amuse Society Jonah top or Velvet Dalary blouse.

For a more casual night out look, we are loving Heidi Klum's laid back yet chic nighttime look. To get this look, pair the Velvet Era Turtleneck with our Lyla and Luxe Fiona jacket or Velvet Ophelia shearling coat. For denim, stick with the Paige Hoxton Ankle Jeans to add an edge to your evening look! 

Kaia Gerber


Heidi Klum



Beauty: Fall 2017 Hair Trends

One of our favourite things about Fall has to be all of the new trends popping up as the transition from Summer to Fall begins. In particular, hair and beauty trends are blowing up this season, and we're loving all of the fun styles we're seeing on our favourite beauty and style icons. From blunt bob cuts to warm hues, edgy hair is a must for Fall. 

Read on for our favourite hair trends worth trying this season...

Cuts: Bobs

One of the most popular hair trends we are seeing this Fall is the blunt bob. From Kim Kardashian to Chrissy Teigen, this chic low maintenance bob is all the rage this Fall. This bob sits right above your shoulders, shaping your face. Style super straight or in loose waves, this hairstyle adds a simple chic flare to any outfit. Love!

Khloe Kardashian

Lucy Hale

Chrissy Teigen

Cuts: Eye Length Fringe

We are loving the eye length fringe this Fall. Longer bangs really bring out your eyes and add an edge to your hairstyle. Ask your stylists to thin your bangs, as they're more low maintenance than thicker blunt bangs.  Some of our fave inspiration comes from Dakota Johnson and Hailey Baldwin.

Dakota Johnson

Hailey Baldwin

Cuts: Mid Length Chops

Mid-length blunt cuts are everywhere this season! Talk about a stylish, yet low maintenance style! From Kendall Jenner to Joan smalls this is one of the hottest Fall trends. This look is in between long locks and a lob (long bob). It still shapes your face the way shorter hair does, yet you still have length to still style your hair in multiple ways (and still wear your go-to pony!).

Kendall Jenner

Joan Smalls

Colour: Warm "Bronde"

We are loving the trendy hair colours this Fall. One of the looks we are loving is the new "bronde" colour thats Gigi Hadid is sporting as of late. It has been labeled as "bronde" a mix of brown and blonde. We love how it's a natural looking very light brown that still has the warmth of blonde in it. It's a great shade for a ton of different skin tones, making this a popular trend for next season.

Colour: Balayage

Another colour trend that is high on the V.O.C radar is the popular balayage trend for both brown and blonde hair. Even though a lot of people go darker in the Fall and Winter, it's still nice to keep some warmth in your hair, especially at the ends or around your face. We love blonde and brown balayage (as pictured below) because your roots are still darker for colder season look, yet a warmer hue is still visible at the bottom and shaping the face.

Lifestyle: Back To School & Dorm Room Essentials

We're almost halfway through August which means back to school is around the corner and prep is in full swing! Even after being out of school for a few years, there's still something about this time of year that signifies fresh starts and makes us miss that back to school feeling! So for this week's blog, we've dedicated it to all the students we know and love, with Shelby, Amanda & Jill's 15 picks of must have items for back to school and for your new dorm or apartment!

Shelby's Picks


Ever since I picked up my first diffuser, I wondered how I ever lived without them. Talk about transforming a space... I add lavender essential oil for an instantly relaxing space that also smells amazing. This one from Saje is not only great but it looks amazing! 


For obvious reasons, an agenda is an essential when away at school to help keep track of all of your assignments, not to mention your class schedule! I love this option from Ban.Do at Indigo! Super cute and comes with some fun stickers to brighten your day during study season...

iPhone Smart Battery Case 

I recently purchased this and it would have been a lifesaver at university. It keeps your iPhone battery charged for twice as long, ensuring you're never left with a phone at 1%...a.k.a. worst nightmare! 


If there's one thing from this list that you need, it's definitely comfortable, warm shoes that you can easily slip on to go to class, to and from the dining hall in your dorm, or just to walk around your floor. I love these mukluks for around the dorm and even for up at the cottage! 


Last but not least, I loved having plants in my dorm room to bring some life into my space! I love terrariums because they not only look nice, but they're easy to keep alive if you go away for a couple of days over the weekend. Find a cool vase and make your own or head to a florist for plenty of cute options in all sizes! I love this option for West Elm:


Amanda's Picks


It sounds silly but finding the right hangers that take up the least amount of a space is crucial to bring to your dorm because your closet space is usually really limited especially if you have a roommate. My favourite hangers would have to be the fabric hangers by Joy Mangano at Bed Bath & Beyond. They're great because they are super thin, taking up little to no space. Also because of the fabric on the hangers, your clothes stay put...even those silk camisoles! Multi-purpose hangers are another great option for maximizing space in your closet. 

Laptop and iPhone case

It's always fun to accessorize your laptop and iPhone, also to differentiate your computer between your classmates and roommates. is one of my favourite sites for ordering unique and cool computer cases and phone cases with interesting and fun designs. You can match everything from your phone, to your laptop and iPad all in the same design, without breaking the bank! 

Bedside Rug

It's always nice to personalize and accessorize your space with a few decor pieces. A fun way to quickly jazz up a dorm room is to add a rug beside your bed or just outside your closet to make it a little more cozy or even to add a pop of colour. IKEA has some amazing options, but definitely don't overlook, HomeSense, West Elm, CB2, and Structube. If you have already have some bright accent pieces in your room, you can always go with a neutral rug which will make your dorm room space appear much larger than it is!


My favourite accessory for any room is candles! From the colours, to the scents they can jazz up any room and make it smell amazing! My favourite candles are from Bath and Body Works. They have the best selection, ranging from any type of scent and the prices are great. From summer fresh to cozy holiday candles, you can add these to your dorm room to give it a more homey and cozier feel. 

Himalyan Salt Lamp

Last but not least, investing in a small light for beside your bed makes a huge difference when you're sharing a space with a roommate. A perfect light I've found that gives right amount of light, is small and at the same time relaxing is a Himalayan salt lamp. Plus, there are so many benefits. 


Jill's Picks  

New Pair of Jeans 

Fall shopping and back to school go hand in hand. For back to school I think everyone should get a new pair of classic denim jeans. I'm currently loving our new AG Farrah High Rise Skinny Jeans in Black Storm. The frayed bottom gives a classic pair of black jeans an edge. Perfect with sneakers or booties! 

A new go-to comfy knit 

With the colder weather coming I always reach for the same comfy sweater to bundle up in. Our new Velvet Imena sweater is a fancy take on the classic sweatshirt. It's super soft and comfy, you'll never want to take it off! 


Denim Shirt 

Another classic piece I think everyone needs in their closet is a denim Button Down like the  Rails Carter button down in a Light Vintage wash. Layer with a knit cardigan over top or wear unbuttoned with a camisole underneath for a dress up look, this shirt is a must! 



Cozy Blanket 

One item I loved when I was in first year of university is a cozy blanket. I love this throw from West Elm. I love using throws to add a pop of colour! 


Travel Mug 

I absolutely love this travel mug by Contigo. They are perfect for keeping your coffee or tea hot for hours while you're making your way from class to class. I also love how there is a lock button to prevent spilling anything on your notes or electronics.


Travel: Guide To Nantucket Island

This time last week, Shelby was sitting on a beach on Nantucket Island on her summer vacation! It looked like a dream and is one of her favourite places in the this week on the blog, she's sharing all her favourite things about the island through a mini to-do guide for anyone who is planning or hopes to travel there sometime soon! 

We hope you enjoy it!  


Nantucket is home to so many adorable boutiques, beautiful furniture stores and some of the best gift shops in the world...and not to mention some of the best restaurants (see "WHERE TO EAT" below). Here's a list of just a few of my favourite places to shop while i'm there...

Murray's Toggery Shop

This store is famous for what many East Coast people recognize as "Nantucket Red" shorts for men and they are also one of the oldest stores on the island. That being said, it has a great women's clothing and shoe section and definitely has something for could explore this place for hours! 

The Skinny Dip: Nantucket

I found this super cute store this past summer on the Old South Wharf, and it has the CUTEST selection of women's clothing and a great men's section as well. They're definitely famous for their Ellsworth & Ivey Nantucket sweaters, but they have some amazing shoes, swimwear, clothing and accessories as well! They're also surrounded by some of the best boutiques on the island 

Milly & Grace

This is one of the most stunning boutiques on the island that carries brands like Rebecca Taylor, Bella Dahl, and Joie amongst many others. If you're on the island, don't miss their selection of women's clothing, footwear, gifts and home decor pieces! It's beautiful. 

Nantucket Looms

With Nantucket being well known for their signature interior and home decor style, Nantucket Looms is a must for design inspiration and a little furniture shopping. They also have amazing knickknacks and decor pieces that are great memories of Nantucket to bring home with you. You won't want to leave this store, it's so beautiful! Another cute furniture store on the island that you can't miss is Bodega on Candle street! 

The Sunken Ship

You'll see a million people walking around Nantucket with Nantucket Beach Permit tees and sweaters, and this is the go-to store for those! And it's been on the island for decades! They also have absolutely everything you'll ever need for the beach! 



There are TONS of amazing restaurants on Nantucket... you really can't go wrong! But here are some of my favourites that my family and I keep going back to!

Straight Wharf

For some of the most fresh seafood on Nantucket, you have to go to the Straight Wharf for dinner! They're located right on the wharf by the fishing boats, so if you head out on a half day fishing trip and bring back a catch, they will fillet and cook it for you that night for dinner! 


Another great option for seafood is Cru...and it's probably located at one of the best locations on the island where you have the best view of all of the yachts and boats on the island while you enjoy lunch or dinner. They also have a great bar and private dining area! 

Galley Beach

For amazing food, a great beach bar, and the best view of the Nantucket sunset on the entire island, Galley Beach is a must! 

Nantucket Lobster Trap

Super casual with a great outdoor seating area, this is the restaurant for lobster on the island. Definitely worth eating at one night! 

The Juice Bar

The go-to spot for ice cream and smoothies on the Steamboat Wharf. Go in the afternoon or after an early dinner or you could be stuck in an hour long lineup! 


Aunt Leah's Fudge

An island gem with world famous fudge that is a favourite of locals and people who visit the island every summer. Kathie Lee Gifford, Katie Couric and Joe Biden are a few celebs that have their pictures with Aunt Leah on the wall! 

Handlebar Cafe

A really cute little coffee shop just outside the main part of town that makes speciality lattes and really good coffee! 

Downy Flake

If you want a greasy spoon for breakfast with famous donuts, Downy Flake is a hit, with huge lineups on Sunday mornings. 



Perfect for a casual lunch on the wharf or if you are looking to pick up sandwiches for a day at the beach.  





Dreamland Theatre

A beautiful theatre in town that plays the latest blockbusters every night of the week! 

Whaling Museum

If you want to learn more about the island, the Whaling Museum is a must and is also super kid friendly. 

Nantucket Ghost Walk

Nantucket is pretty famously haunted, so this guided tour around the town is fun if you like ghost stories and are interested in the history of the town and the haunted buildings and homes. Groups meet at the top of Main Street at 8:45pm Friday through Monday.

See a play

Nantucket has really great productions of some of the most famous broadway plays playing every summer. We saw Mamma Mia one night this summer and it was a laugh! Highly recommended. 

Deep Sea Fishing

There are tons of companies on the wharf in Nantucket that offer half day fishing trips. If you're lucky you'll also get to see some whales or sharks off the island! Albacore Charters offers a great trip where you're guaranteed to catch tons of bluefish! 



Surfside/Fisherman's Beach/Nobadeer Beach

This stripe of beaches is definitely a favourite of both locals and tourists. Surfside has a great surf shack with drinks and food so you don't have to bring a lunch, and they have all your beach essentials as well. The blueberry lemonade is to die for! 


Miacomet Beach

If you're looking for a quieter beach that isn't as busy, Miacomet is a great option and is dog friendly! It's also located near some of the most beautiful homes on the island, and is an easy bike ride from town. 

Jetties Beach 

Jetties was always one of my favourite beaches on the island as a kid because of the huge sand bar and lack of huge waves. Walk the sandbar and see tons of wildlife from fish to hermit crabs, a great for of Brant Point Lighthouse, plus there is a great lunch spot on the beach with a store and pretty great lobster rolls! If you're the type that doesn't like laying on the beach for too long, they also have kayak and windsurf board rentals. 

Cisco Beach

If you're biking around the island, Cisco Beach is great option with a long bike path straight to it from town and on your way home you can stop by Cisco Brewery for a drink! This beach is also home to the Nantucket Surf School if you're interested in learning to surf, or you just want to watch the surfers for an afternoon. 



Q&A with Emily: First month with baby

For our store owner, Emily, this summer is definitely different from years prior (in the best way!) since the arrival of her first baby, Arthur Bennett Charles, who was born in June! We couldn't be more excited to welcome this little guy to the V.O.C. team and can't wait to spend more time with him and watch him grow up! For this week's post, we're picking Emily's brain about all things Arthur and how she's been doing the first month post-pardum. From what she's learned this last month, to must-have baby products, Emily is sharing it all in this post! 

We hope you enjoy it! XX

1. First of all, can you tell us a little bit about Arthur?!

Arthur Bennett Charles was born on June 2nd. He's the sweetest little guy and somehow has a calm disposition despite his parents' personalities. He already has funny quirks that make me laugh and of course he's absolutely adorable. Can you tell that I'm in total love with this little guy?

2. Before Arthur was born, what was one thing you did to prepare that helped ease the process of adding a new family member?

Jeff and I talked about Art all of the time. We to him, we talked about him, we pictured him in our life together. We also asked all of our friends a million questions on how to adjust and what to expect. You can never be prepared for how drastically your life is going to change but understanding that everyone goes through it and that the first 90 days are going to be a challenge helps the adjustment period. I think we were also totally ready for the next stage in life. Both Jeff and I are 35- we've traveled a ton, we have great friends and have had amazing life experiences. We're obviously going to keep doing all these things, but it helps knowing that we're ready for the next phase and chose it.

3. What was one thing you wished you had known before the baby, that you know now?

Everyone told me to sleep as much as I could before the baby. I wish I had been told to enjoy my independence more. I was so focused on resting up before his arrival when I wish I had done more out of the house both solo and with Jeff in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I never have a moment alone anymore and I miss my solitude and ability to do anything on a whim!

5. Can you share one thing you've learned in the past month?!

You can really get by on very little sleep. I am shocked at how I'm able to function on a few hours. From someone who loves their sleep I never understood how mom's were able to function on a few hours. It's totally totally true and totally manageable. Coffee really helps! Plus family naps on the couch are my favourite.

6. Anything you wished moms had told you and/or not told you pre-baby?

I was not prepared for the physical changes post-pardom. I knew it would be awhile before the pre-baby figure returns (it's going to be a long road ahead) - but I wasn't prepared for the physical shifting of bones and hips and muscles and joints after the baby. I was very uncomfortable towards the end of my pregnancy and I thought the pain would disappear the minute he came out. I'm shocked how the pain and discomfort has continued and even worsened since he arrived. It's really quite incredible what the body does!

7. Do you have any advice you want to give to soon to be moms? 

Enjoy your baby! I'm shocked at how much work and time and effort it takes to look after a baby. As a super Type A, productive person, I struggle with how little I accomplish in a day now. But then I remind myself that my job right now is to be Art's mom and that I should embrace and enjoy the time together. I wish he could stay this small forever (but sleep through the night...!).

8. What's one baby product you/Arthur can't live without?

Arthur LOVES his Dock-a-Tot. It's the most expensive pillow you can purchase but it's a lifesaver. Every new mom should have one. 

9. What has been your go-to meal or craving since Arthur arrived?

Luckily my love for healthy food (salads and smoothies and fish) has returned. While I was pregnant I was a total carb-avore and sugar addict- which was something new to me.  I felt like I could have drunk an entire bottle of maple syrup, I was in need of so much sugar. Now the idea makes me want to vomit. Ever since Art arrived I've been craving fruits and veggies and fish again. I eat sushi and drink cold pressed juice like it's my day job.

10. What are you most looking forward to doing now that Arthur is here?

I can't wait to go for a run again. I miss being physically active. My body is craving exercise. That first run will be a struggle but I cannot wait. 2 more weeks until I get the go-ahead to start!

11. Any must have beauty product recommendations post baby?

Anything quick! My showers and get-ready routine have been cut down to 10 minutes. I never understood how mom's said they don't have time to get ready. I now totally understand it and savour the weekends when I can take a long shower while Jeff is home. I have never enjoyed showering so much in my life.

12. How are you taking time for yourself since Arthur arrived? Any recommendations for how to relax?

I haven't figured this one out yet! Art and I went for my first pedicure this week. It was a game changer. I felt like a human again. The trick is to go RIGHT when they fall asleep otherwise you end up like this with a sleeping baby on you the entire time...

Lifestyle: Father's Day Gift Guide

8 Father's Day Gifts Dad Will Love

1. Not your typical "Dad jeans"

I think it's safe to say that most of our dads are guilty of having at least one pair of "dad jeans" in their wardrobe. Father's day is the perfect time to break this wardrobe faux-pas and gift your dad some new jeans. We love this "slim straight" style by AG Jeans that is a modern take on the straight leg jean and looks polished yet casual -- pairing well with any style of shoes. Tell your dad they're great for casual Friday or for weekends! 


2. Dinner at Noble Bistro

A farm to table dinner is a fool proof way to treat dad on Father's Day. With the head chef winning Chopped Canada in 2014 and opening The Devonshire Inn before it became The Drake Devonshire, you can trust that the food is going to be amazing. They've also recently added an outdoor patio for the summer months. Make reservations early, as we are sure it's going to fill up quick! 

3. Boy Smells Candle in Cedar Stack

Our candles from Boy Smells are a must-have for your house, especially in Cedar Stack. It's also the perfect little gift to give to dad. From the packaging and presentation to the scent, we know he'll love this! 

 4. Golf Trunk Organizer 

If your dad is a golf fanatic, this gift is a must! This compact golf gear organizer allows you to store your shoes, balls, tees, spikes and towels. It's perfect to avoid messy car trunks, and will save your dad time looking for his golf equipment and instead give him more time on the golf course! These organizers range from about $30-$80 depending on how many compartments you want and you can find them on Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Golf Town

5. Kiehl's Mens Skincare

Another great option for Father's day is a skincare set from Kiehl's! It's a nice way to get your dad to pamper himself, and the Men's Starter Kit is ideal if you're dad doesn't already have a skincare routine; it includes the essentials such as face wash, shaving cream, post shaving cream repair gel and moisturizer. Another great choice is the men's travel kit which great for the dad who is always on the go.

 6. FitBit 

Whether your dad is a fitness junky or he needs a little push to get active, the Fitbit makes the perfect gift -- also what dad doesn't love gadgets? The Fitbit becomes personalized to the owner, monitoring your heart rate, sleeping habits, weight and steps for the day, and you can even manually upload your food intake. You can also pair it wirelessly with the Fitbit Weigh Scale which is a great option to keep dad on track! 

7. Activity

One of our favourite Father's Day gift ideas is doing an activity with your dad that he loves. We love the idea of taking your dad golfing or on a guided fishing trip for the day. Rock climbing at the YMCA in Oakville or going to a baseball game are also great options. This is also a perfect excuse to get outdoors this Father's Day.


8. BBQ Accessories 

If your dad owns the barbecue during the summer months and is always looking for excuses to put something on the grill, BBQ accessories are a win for Father's Day. You may even get a great meal out of it! Whether it's new tongs, grilling brushes or grilling thermometers, any of these would make a great gift! Weber makes a ton of great barbecue accessories including this Gourmet Pizza Stone for making stone oven pizza at home...yum! 





Lifestyle: Emily's Nursery Decor Tips

With this baby set to arrive any day now (#38weeks!), we’re putting the finishing touches on the nursery and eagerly anticipating the newest member to our family. It’s true what they say about a mom and her “nesting” as the baby approaches – you want everything to be perfect for this tiny baby. 

I found it a struggle to decorate a nursery – it was a project I had obviously never done before and it was challenging to find our style for a baby. I wanted the nursery to be sweet and playful but still sophisticated. I’m not a cutesy person but I wanted to make sure the room felt like a baby’s room. I spent countless hours pinning boards and gathering ideas. I scoured the internet for design ideas and product sourcing. I wanted the room to be perfect for this little guy (I don’t think the irrational pregnancy hormones helped the process!).

We decided on a forest theme (think bears, deer, foxes and bunnies) in a neutral colour palette. Our grey and white décor theme throughout the house transitioned well into a baby boy nursery. I really wanted to stay away from blue hues but I wanted the room to still be masculine. 

We were careful to mix and match baby items with traditional décor pieces that you might find elsewhere in the house. Why buy a rug from a baby store when you really prefer the Moroccan rug in your living room? We purchased his rug, mirror and curtains from West Elm to keep the room somewhat sophisticated.


Of course we added in baby specific pieces like this woodland creature mobile by Pehr and his furniture by Pottery Barn Kids.


I fell in love with these felt animal heads from Restoration Hardware Kids. I even bought the matching bookends for all his tiny little board books that I can’t wait to read to him!


I found cute baby animal pictures from Indigo and framed them in frames from my old apartment.

We purchased neutral linens from Pehr to keep the room from looking too busy. This way if we add another member to the family we can use them again in the future!


We made sure to include as much storage as possible in the room. Of course this little guy already has a wardrobe enviable by most adults. (The tiny clothes are too cute!).   I wanted to make sure his clothes were organized and easy to find so we purchased the biggest dresser the room would allow! I also wanted to keep all of his toys and things in specific places to try to avoid the child clutter. My OCD is already afraid of the “stuff” that comes along with children. These drums by Pehr are amazing for throwing toys and blankets in. And we purchased a toy basket and matching hamper from Pottery Barn.


My biggest piece of advice from friends was to invest in a rocker or glider. The hours I’ll spend feeding and cuddling him will be much more enjoyable on a comfortable chair! We custom ordered this grey rocker from Pottery Barn. Once we’re out of baby mode we can use it elsewhere in the house!


Somehow it all came together in these last few weeks. Now we’re ready for this little bundle to arrive! Baby watch is officially on!

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