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This Summer's Must-Read Books

Top 7 Summer Reads (according to us!)


It wouldn't be summer without an annual summer reading list for us to power through on days at the pool or on the dock up north, or afternoons on the beach on summer vacation. Here are 7 of our must-reads this summer!

(Be sure to click the book covers below for more info!) 

1/ The Girls

This one's been getting a ton of buzz lately and is the first book for author Emma Clinton! We've heard great things and everyone's been raving about it so we had to add it to this list! 

2/ Girls on Fire

Apparently this book is one we can't miss. It's a novel about a friendship turned toxic between two teenaged girls, and from what we've read, seems super intriguing and one we won't be able to put down. 


3/ Rich and Pretty

Another supposedly great coming of age story, "Rich and Pretty" tells the story of two best friends in New York City navigating their friendship into adulthood. 

4/ Modern Lovers

"Modern Lovers" is the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of "The Vacationers", Emma Straub. From all of the reviews, it seems like the perfect summer read about coming of age, friendship, and growing up. We can't wait to dive into this one!

5/ China Rich Girlfriend

From the author of "Crazy Rich Asians", "China Rich Girlfriend" is his latest...If it's anything like his first book, we're bound to love it! 

6/ Prep

One of our favourites books from high school, we've heard this is being turned into a TV series and has been dubbed the next "Gossip Girl" it's definitely worth a re-read this summer. 


7/ Grace's Guide

You might recognize the author by her many hilarious Youtube videos, or by her brief stint on E! in the "Grace Helbig Show". Her new book is filled with good advice and makes us love Grace even more, with her totally relatable stories and take on what we need to know as we "grow up".

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