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Travel: Honeymoon in Tofino


After a busy Spring planning and celebrating our wedding (OMG, best day ever!) – Jeff and I decided we needed the most relaxed, remote honeymoon possible. We figured exploring Tofino and Vancouver Island would be perfect – and it was. We just recently returned and are already planning our next trip out West. What a magical place – you constantly have to remind yourself that you’re in Canada! If you haven’t been – we highly recommend! Check out my tips and highlights for all things Tofino. Take me back!



To Stay:
Wickaninnish Inn:
This tranquil spot is literally something out of a magazine. With views of Chesterman beach you wake up watching the tide come in (or out!) and can hear all of nature surrounding you. We spoiled ourselves by staying here and now we HAVE to go back. P.S Their spa is AMAZING.


To Eat:
Quite possibly the best tacos in the country (or the world?). As a taco addict I know my tacos and these are totally worth the trip out West. I’d previously eaten at Tacofino in Vancouver, so I was beyond excited to try the original food truck in Tofino. A daily taco session was required. Oh, and their devil chocolate cookies are delish. I’m still dreaming of them. Actually.

We were told that this is where the locals come to “party”. The food is fabulous (try the tuna tartar stack) and the wine selection is superb. Plus, you have a perfect view of the sunset overlooking the beach. What more could you ask for?

Wolf In The Fog:
The words Tofino and “Wolf in the Fog” seem to go hand in hand. This place is on everyone’s “must try” list. En Route magazine named it Canada’s Best New Restaurant in 2014. It didn’t disappoint.   We suggest you try…everything.


To See and Do:

Hot Springs:
As someone with an irrational fear of hot tubs (and swimming pools and bathtubs) – it was strange for me to visit a natural hot spring – but I must say it was quite lovely. I’m still confused as to how they happen naturally – but it was pretty awesome to view the ocean and mountains and trees while lounging in some hot springs with waterfalls surrounding you. No cocktails required!

You could literally hike for days in Tofino. I think you could go on a different hike everyday for a year and still not see the entire area.   And what better place to hike than In Canada’s most beautiful rainforests? Jeff and I would try to work in a 15Km hike each morning (you gotta work off those tacos!) and we didn’t get bored of it one bit. 

I’m sorry, but it was TOO cold to surf. We weren’t hard-core enough. BUT if you’re brave enough to face the freezing water in a wetsuit, we were told the surfing was amazing.   Plus it’s just as fun to watch them!

Whale and Bear Watching:
Tofino is known for it’s whale and bear watching. We loved the crew at Ocean Outfitters. We took a boat and a seaplane one day and saw tons of wildlife! Porpoise whales, humpback whales, bald eagles, sea otters and a black bear.

P.S. Here’s a cute pic of us at the wedding. #sorryIhadto           


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