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Travel: Jill's trip to Bali

Last month I went to go visit my boyfriend Sam, as he is currently teaching hockey in China. When I booked my flight to Shenzhen, I immediately thought of Bali. I mean how could we be in China and not go to Bali?! It has always been on my bucket list, so when I knew we were going I immediately started researching the best places to eat, see and activities to do! I hope if you're thinking to heading to Bali anytime soon, you can use my suggestions as a guideline to help plan your itinerary. Enjoy XX. 


When my boyfriend Sam and I went to Bali, we decided to stay at Kuta Beach, as we heard it was unbelievably beautiful there! It is so close to the airport and a lot of other areas we wanted to explore so it seemed like the perfect spot to pick. We found our villa on Airbnb and it was a steal! We had a private villa with a splash pool outside on a gorgeous terrace. We both loved the convenience of the location, however we did find it to be quite a loud atmosphere with a lot of partying. If I were to visit Bali in the future, I would stay a bit more north such as Seminyak. Seminyak was a cute small town, still lively with tourists and entertainment but a little more quiet than Kuta Beach (a more relaxing atmosphere!). Although if you're looking for a party......

What to do

While we were in Kuta Beach we rented a motorbike (sorry mom!). They seriously are the best mode of transportation there as the traffic is absolutely insane otherwise! They are also very reasonably priced, making this option even better! 

We also visited an elephant park sanctuary, this was another tick off my bucket list! A lot of tour companies that offer this excursion will actually pick you up from your resort and drive you about an hour and a half north of the majority of the resorts to the parks. We got to feed the elephants and hang out with them for a while, talk about a dream come true! 

Another excursion that I would highly recommend would be to visit the Uluwatu temple. The temple was gorgeous but the view there was breathtaking!! There were also monkeys in the actual temple which was amazing! The locals in the area convinced us to the feed them, not going to lie I was a little scared haha! 

While we were coming back from the temple we drove by this beach that looked so beautiful we had to stop. Its the Padang Padang Beach. You have to pay to enter, but its worth it. You walk through this narrow cave down these steps and end up right at the beach. It was such a beautiful spot! There are small vendors selling food and merchandise right on the beach. You can also rent umbrellas if you don't want to be in the sun the entire day. I would definitely recommend this beach! 

One thing that is a must if I ever go back to Bali is doing the Mount Batur Sunrise hike. Its supposedly so beautiful!! 

Where to Eat 

Does anyone gravitate towards this section of ravel guides first?! This is my favourite part of travel blogs! When looking up restaurants I wanted it to have a good view, especially for dinner, and a menu with lots of options. 

Kuta Beach

Boardwalk: Sam and I went here on our first night and it was so good! They had lots of options, everything from pizza, salads, pasta and seafood. It was very westernized but had a section of authentic Bali cuisine. The best part about this restaurant was the view! It was right on the Kuta beach boardwalk overlooking the beach. It was an amazing place to watch the sunset while eating awesome food! 

Envy: This was another restaurant that offered so many different options. The food was amazing and the staff was so nice! They also offered two for one happy hour cocktails. Do I need to say why I loved this place?! 


Single Fin: This was a restaurant that was suggested to me while I was in Bali, however I did come across Single Fin on multiple travel blogs. I would suggest making a reservation because its a hot tourist spot, it typically fills up fast. Luckily we made a reservation right when we got to Bali and they gave us a table with the most beautiful view. Single Fins is located right on the edge of this cliff overlooking the ocean that happens to be a pro surfing spot. The food and drinks were amazing! There were so many options to choose from. Does anyone else get anxiety about not knowing what to order? Luckily I didn't have one regret! Sam and I split a mojito pitcher and got their garlic parmesan fries. Bali mastered the garlic aioli! 



Sisterfields was a restaurant I found on a travel site that had amazing reviews for brunch, lunch and dinner so I thought it was a safe bet. It was a pretty big restaurant but it had a small cafe atmosphere. We went to Sisterfields for brunch one day and each got the charcoal breakfast sandwich and an iced latte. Delicious! 

Lunch or Dinner: 

Ku De Ta is located right off of the beach so after spending the morning and most of the afternoon at the beach this was a perfect spot to have a bite to eat. The view is amazing, sitting right on the water. I got their green tea and pineapple lemonade to drink, it was delicious! Sam and I also split the fries with aioli (obviously) and I got the tomato cucumber salad. All about the balance right?! 

La Luccoila and Restaurant was an Italian spot located right off the beach. We went here for dinner and again to watch the sunset. Everything here was amazing, from the staff to the food and view. We got some calamari to start and pasta for our entree. Sam got the carbonara and I got the angel hair pasta with tomato sauce. We didn't stop there, we both enjoyed some chocolate tort and tiramisu for dessert. I would highly recommend that if you go to La Luccoila to save room for dessert! Treat yourself! 

Anyone else hungry after reading this? 

Everyone in Bali was so friendly and the overall vibe was so relaxed and welcoming. I'm already wanting plan a trip back already! I hope you enjoyed hearing all the things I did and ate (LOL!), giving you some inspiration for a trip to Bali! 

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