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Travel: The Algarve


Travel: Portugal & the Algarve

Written by Shelby

This past June my boyfriend and I travelled to the Algarve in Portugal for a fun european beach vacation that we had been planning for a couple of months. We had the best time and everything from the food, to the scenery, and the weather was amazing. We are so sad to be back…and this post definitely brings back some amazing memories made there!

If you’re planning to head to Portugal at some point, here are some highlights from our trip that might inspire some of the stops you make during yours! 

Enjoy! XO




A really awesome men’s boutique located just off of one of the main roads in Lisbon. They carry brands like A.P.C., Comme de Garçons, Common Projects, and Adidas.

  • Avenida da Liberdade 

This is where all of the luxury shops are located…It’s Portugal’s version of the Champs Élysées and it’s pretty beautiful.

  • R. do Carmo 65, Lisboa

You’ll find everything from Nike, to Zara, and H&M on this street and the surrounding areas! If you’re not shopping, it’s worth it just to go into the shops to see how they compare to those we have in Toronto! 


For the best gelato, you have to go to Amorino in Lisbon! There a few locations scattered throughout the city so you have no excuse not to try it. They make those famous floral-like gelato cones that you see on Instagram all the time! 

Lunch/Portuguese “Pasteis De Nata”

On our first day in Portugal, we spent the afternoon in Lisbon before heading to the Algarve. We got lunch at a park that overlooked a beautiful garden which also had some amazing local farmers and food stands set up nearby. Within two hours of arriving, we had already tried two of Portugal’s most well known foods… Portuguese sandwiches and their famous custard tarts (pasteis de nata)…

Our hotel was in a small town called Porches. It was stunning and had amazing views of the ocean and the caves. 

5 minutes from our hotel was this local favourite restaurant serving traditional Portuguese food. It was probably one of the best meals we had on the entire trip. While in Portugal you have to be sure to try their fish! 


Benagil Caves

15 minutes away from our hotel were the Benagil Caves, which are a bunch of really beautiful caves that have become a really popular thing to visit while in the Algarve. The beach they’re located near offer boat tours inside the caves, which was a super fun experience that we highly recommend doing!




One of the most popular things to do in Lagos is take a two hour boat tour to see the dolphins and whales! We were lucky to see dolphins almost everywhere we went, from the ocean and beach at our hotel, and then this tour in Lagos where they get you up close and person with dolphins in the ocean. 

While in Lagos, you also have to walk the narrow cobblestone streets and stop for lunch and to do a bit of shopping. The architecture and bright coloured buildings were stunning! 



We spent one day in Portugal’s southern most city, Faro! It was filled with small cafés and boutiques on cobblestone paths, and also had a beautiful cathedral where we spent an hour touring and taking pictures of the scenery. The cathedral (see images below) was built in 1251! The views from the bell at the top of the tower were beautiful, looking over old-town Faro and into the marina.

Orange trees outside of the cathedral! 



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