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Travel: 5 Tips for Packing Like A Pro

Since summer is fast approaching, many of us have travel on the brain. And if you're like us, whether it's for a long weekend or a few weeks, you're always planning your next trip. One of the biggest travel mistakes that all of the V.O.C. girls can agree on making is over-packing. There's nothing worse than getting to the airport and having an overweight bag, filled with things you probably won't even have a chance to wear. Plus, if you can avoid checking a bag, why wouldn't you? To ease the packing process in the future, we put our heads together and came up with 5 tips for packing like a pro. 

We hope these help when you're packing for your next getaway! 

1. Don't bring anything you can buy at your destination. 

If your goal is to save space in your suitcase (why wouldn't it be!?), it's so important to consider what you can buy (instead of pack) at your destination. Are you going to the beach? Save space, and fear of liquid getting all over your suitcase, knowing that there will be plenty of sunscreen and beach supplies at your destination. Same goes for many toiletries that you wouldn't bring in your carry on... If you must bring your own, invest in some travel sized containers that allow you to transport your own face wash, shampoo, etc. 

2. Pack outfits that you love.

Travel isn't the time to play around with a new outfit or item that you haven't worn yet...the last thing you want is for a wardrobe malfunction or something to not fit quite right and to ruin some of your trip. One of the best tips we've given and received is to plan outfits in advance and only pack items and outfits from our wardrobe that we love, and that make us feel the most confident. This practice also reduces your chance of overpacking by only bringing things you will actually wear. Packing classic outfits like a leather jacket or black blazer, with your favourite pair of skinny jeans, and a black or nude heel, for example, are key. They already have a proven track record from when you've worn them in the past, are your go-to when you don't have time to think about an outfit...yet you still feel awesome while wearing them. I.e. they're perfect for travel. 

We love this Lily Aldridge x Velvet jacket for all our trips... Click here to shop it.


3. Pack accessories, but not too many.

For us, accessories can really transform an outfit from being "meh" to one that gets us compliments all day long. Whether it's a chunky pair of earrings, or a minimal bracelet or necklace, these items can make even your oldest white tee look cool. Pack a couple of your favourites in your carry on, and throw them on when your outfit needs something extra that maybe you couldn't give it from that extra pair of shoes you had to leave at home. 

4. Scale back on shoes, literally. 

There's nothing that adds more weight to our suitcase than shoes. They're the most likely item to be overpacked, with many of us packing way more than we need, and only wearing each pair once, maybe twice per trip, if we're lucky. Forget the chunky wedges that you might only wear on one night out, and pack a comfortable, versatile pair that can be worn with multiple outfits. If you really need to save space, you may even consider packing outfits around the 2 or 3 pairs of shoes (MAX) you should bring. 

We love these sandals from Star Mela that can easily take you from the beach to dinner...

5. Invest in the right luggage.

We can't stress enough how important having the right luggage is when travelling. This includes the purse we decide to bring as our carry on as well! A large purse or tote that houses all of your essentials (wallet, travel sized toiletries, magazines for the plane, etc.) that can double as your everyday bag during the trip is an essential. 

For your roller bag, we love hard shell cases that are lightweight like this pink one carried by Marianna Hewitt by AWAY x Pop and Suki, which also features a USB charger for your phone! If this cute luggage isn't an incentive to pack lighter, we don't know what is! 


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