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Wedding Planning: Tips From Emily For Planning The Perfect Day

Wedding Season is just around the corner.  Whether you recently got engaged, are planning to receive a new piece of jewelry or are in the thick of wedding planning, take these tips from Emily on how to plan your day.  

  1. Wedding Wednesday
    My husband and I created “Wedding Wednesdays” where we talked and made decisions about the wedding every Wednesday. This worked well for Jeff - he could mentally prepare for Wednesdays (he hated wedding planning) and it also meant that we weren’t consumed with wedding talk all the time. It would have driven both of us mad if the wedding was our only topic of discussion for a year.  We probably wouldn’t have made it to the altar!
  1. Guest List
    Figure out your guest list early - it will determine a lot about your wedding. Most venues have capacity limits, which can help narrow down your location and venue choices. The list will also determine the type of wedding you plan to have – be it a large soiree or an intimate dinner. We had a huge list that we couldn’t and didn’t want to limit so we opted for a cocktail party rather than a formal sit-down dinner.
  1. Make Sure the Wedding Reflects You and Your Partner
    Trust me, you will receive lots of suggestions, requests and influence from friends and family. Sit down with your partner at the beginning of the process and talk about what you want to do and what is most important to you on the day and for any event leading up. Make sure you stick to that plan. At the end of the day the wedding is about you and your partner and it should feel like your wedding. We made a few concessions on things we didn’t care enough about to keep people happy but we stuck to our plan and made sure we were both happy with the day.

    I was really lucky to have a MIL who was easy-going about the wedding. She was happy with whatever Jeff and I wanted so I didn’t need this tip – however, many of my girlfriends recommended that the bride communicate with the bride’s parents and the groom communicate with the groom’s parents. It seems like good advice from some horror stories I hear!
  1. Prioritize Your Budget
    Weddings cost A LOT. Budgets are made and then they need fluffing and padding. It’s SO easy to get carried away, on everything. Make sure you start with a good budget that is realistic. Look at the entire event and prioritize where you want to spend your money based on what is most important to you. We wanted great food so we put our money into the food and stayed away from additional décor and rentals. Getting the right dress was obviously VERY important to me. I spent more on my dress than I wanted to, so I cut back on the flowers. We had great invitations but we skipped the Save The Date. Know in advance that you can’t have everything – but by prioritizing what is important to you, you can have the best day ever!
  1. Have Fun
    The entire process should be really fun. When it stops being fun, take a step back and a deep breath and re-evaluate what you are doing and why. My wedding day was the best day of my life. I had so much fun and loved every minute of it. I knew it wasn’t going to be perfect but I just wanted to enjoy the day. It goes by so fast. Make sure to take it all in – the lead up and the actual day. You only get to do it once!

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